Worry free car rental - prevent 5 unpleasant surprises

The last thing you want on holiday is ‘hassle’ concerning car rental. But you can still be confronted with unpleasant surprises. A car rental company who surprises you with a serious amount in addition to the rent that you paid in advance is one such example. Sunny Cars, as a specialist in customer-friendly car rental, knows exactly what you need to watch out for when reserving a rental car. In this way you will not be confronted with unpleasant surprises and you will enjoy a 100% worry free holiday!

#1 - Surcharge payment in the event of rainfall

Did you only decide to rent a car on holiday and then it starts pouring with rain? Local car rental companies will often increase the rates, because when the weather is bad everyone still wants to go out and demand increases. That is why if you reserve your rental car in advance it will be much cheaper for you. With Sunny Cars you never have to pay rain surcharge. You can rely on that!

#2 - Don’t-dare-to-drive-anymore own risk

Is the own risk bought out/reduced to 0 in the price of your rental car? If not, then in the event of damage you can still face a gigantic unforeseen cost. With Sunny Cars all rental cars are always including repayment of the own risk. Damage of windows, tyres, chassis and roof is also compensated. So you don't have to take out extra insurance for this and you can drive 100% worry free.

#3 - High season bad luck: all cars are gone

During the high season the demand for rental cars increases enormously. Especially in the popular holiday destinations it can sometimes be the case that cars are no longer available. So reserve early, you will then have a wider choice of cars and the various makes for an advantageous rate. The later you book the less choice you will have and the more expensive it will become. So book in advance. With our Flexservice you can also cancel free of charge and without stating reasons if you change your plans. You can therefore book early and in advance without any concerns.

#4 - Unnecessary insurances

Nice, such a low rental price. But do watch out for all local extra mandatory surcharges. For all sorts of insurances. The GoZen insurance for car rental does not consist of a feel-good moment for yourself. It is a local extra insurance to cover all damage and any theft of the rental car. In addition this covers damage to windows, the tyres, the lights and mirrors of the rental car. You don't need this with Sunny Cars because all necessary insurances are included in the rent as standard!

#5 - Inflated fuel prices

Does an offer seem cheap? Then carefully check which fuel arrangement is offered. Because many low cost providers work with the FE arrangement: you get the car with a full fuel tank, and return this empty. You will have to pay a mandatory surcharge for this (which is often much higher than if you were to fill the tank yourself) and you don't get any unused petrol back. In this way you can easily have to pay 80 Euros on top of the rent. Sunny Cars always clearly state the fuel arrangements. FF is the most customer-friendly option!