Standard 14-day option status

Are you still unsure how long you want to rent a car during your holiday? Or do you still want to talk about the right car type? Always book if you're unsure! Because nothing is final at Sunny Cars, thanks to our optional status scheme. Your booking will automatically have an option status for 14 days following confirmation from Sunny Cars. This ensures that your favourite car category will be available for your holiday, at the competitive daily price of your booking. And you will still have the freedom to talk things over at home. If you do decide differently, you can still cancel your booking free of charge.


And because ‘something’ can always get in the way, Sunny Cars offers FlexService. You can add this unique service for only 1 euro per day, with a minimum of 7 euros and a maximum of 21 euros. With this option you can cancel your booking free of charge up to 4 hours prior to the start of the rental period. And you won't have to explain it to us. There are no strings attached, your payment will simply be refunded. That's maximum flexibility!