Child seat for the rental car

A child or baby seat is one of the extra options: accessories or services that you can book in advance, but you will have to pay the local partner for them when you arrive. The costs for the extras are always stated in the rental conditions that you are presented with while booking. Other accessories for a customised booking are:

  • Sat nav
  • Snow chains
  • Ski rack

7 important things to know about a child seat for the rental car

1. A child or baby seat is mandatory for children under 1.35 metres (aged under 18) in countries that are part of the European Union (EU). In some countries you even have to be at least 1.50 metres to be allowed in a car without a child seat.

2. The weight of your child determines which seat you should use:

  • less than 13 kilograms: baby car seat (groups 0 and 0+)
  • between 9 and 18 kilograms: child car seat (group 1)
  • between 15 and 36 kilograms: booster seat (groups 2 and 3)
  • over 36 kilograms: seat belt, possibly with booster seat or separate belt guide

3. The ANWB website contains more information about the regulations for child seats in each country.

4. Highly recommended: bring your own Maxi-Cosi or booster seat. The local quality requirements do not always match those in the Netherlands that Sunny Cars wishes to guarantee. They are also more expensive and a lot more unhygienic. If you think bringing one yourself is too much fuss or too much to lug along with all your other luggage, you can book the right child seat in advance via Sunny Cars. We will make sure that a safe child seat is ready at your destination. You should, however, book on time, because most destinations only have a limited number of child seats available. Otherwise you may end up without one!

5. The child seat is an accessory that you can book in advance, but you have to pay the local rental company for it when you arrive. During the booking process, you can indicate what type of car seat you require under ‘accessories’. The costs for the seat may differ between partners. The exact rates are stated in the rental conditions that you will be presented with while booking.

6. Tip: bring a clean, universal child seat cover with you. In this way, you will know for sure that your child will sit on a nice, clean seat. A cover made of terry towelling is also nicely cool and comfortable.

7. Are you up for a carefree and relaxed fly-drive with children? We have a few practical expert tips for that! Enjoy your trip!