Local rental conditions

Reading the rental conditions does not take that much time and it's a good thing to know them. At Sunny Cars we formulate the rental conditions as concisely and clearly as possible. We write the conditions in a way that is easy to understand, using clear language and you can easily scan by subject. You don't have to drag yourself through a long list of small print; you can immediately see what is included in our standard all-in package.

Always read the important additional rental information

As we collaborate with several rental companies at a destination, the local rental conditions for each car may differ. All the important additional rental information can be found in our rental conditions, such as the deposit amount, the minimum age, the fuel arrangement and the possibility for picking up or dropping off the car outside of opening hours.

For all the supplementary services that can be added to our standard all-in package, the local partner charges a surcharge that you will have to pay there. Examples include additional services and accessories, such as hotel delivery or a child seat. These rates are also clearly listed in the rental conditions. Any additional costs are also confirmed on the voucher. With Sunny Cars you therefore know exactly how things stand and you won't have to deal with unpleasant surprises when you pick up the car.

You can also compare the local conditions

Tip: you can even compare the local conditions when selecting the rental car. As we collaborate with several rental companies at a destination, the local rental conditions may be slightly cheaper for you at one partner as compared to another. For example, one-way rental might cost 100 euros at partner A and only 50 euros at partner B. A car that may appear slightly more expensive may therefore turn out to be cheaper. Are you booking supplementary services? In that case you should certainly compare the conditions. How?

  • Select the desired car (category), open the rental conditions and click 'compare conditions'.
  • You will then see all the available cars from the various partners and be able to open the relevant rental conditions. You might, for example, see that the car is perhaps be a few euros more expensive from one partner, but that the extra service you want to book is cheaper than for the cheapest car.
  • You can then select the car with the ideal combination for your specific case: i.e. the rental price in combination with the cost for optional local extra services.

If you want personal advice with this, our specialists at the booking department will be happy to help!

Do not take out any supplementary insurance

The rental conditions state in black and white that you have comprehensive insurance. You should therefore not take out any local supplementary insurance, that is completely unnecessary. When you arrive all you have to do is sign the car rental contract – Sunny Cars mediates, the final contract is between the renter and the partner. After that it's simply a matter of getting in, driving off and enjoying yourself. Have a great time!