One-way USA

Car rental companies (almost) always add surcharges if the car is dropped off at a location that is different to the pick-up location. However, Sunny Cars also offers free one-way options in the United States!

Which one-ways are free?

  • All one-ways within California
  • All one-ways within Florida
  • Between Seattle and Los Angeles
  • Between Seattle and San Francisco

As you can see, all ‘one-way trips’ are free inside the states of California and Florida! You could, for example, drive from Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon. And then to Yosemite National Park via Las Vegas. You could then end the trip on the coast in the multicultural city of San Francisco. Or you could visit the many amusement parks in Florida, such as Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios and the Kennedy Space Center during the trip from Miami to Orlando.

Naturally, other destinations are also available for a ‘one-way trip’. All you have to do is state, when booking, that you want to drop off the car in a different location.

Obviously you can always also contact Sunny Cars by calling +31 (0) 23 - 5 699 696. We will be happy to help you plan your perfect trip.