Toll roads in the USA

In the USA you also sometimes have to pay to use a piece of asphalt. To be able to pass the toll booths without trouble you can choose from several payment methods at the local rental company. Obviously you can also pay in cash, but bear in mind that you will have to pay with coins rather than banknotes:

Toll Pass Device (TPD)

A TPD can be rented at airport rental centres in the north-eastern United States for $2.75 a day ($14 maximum per rental period). With it the toll prices are automatically debited from your credit card, so you won't have to pay any toll on the road itself.

Toll Pass Automatic

With a TPA you can choose to pay on the toll road or afterwards. For every day you drive on a toll road without paying toll there, the rental company will charge $2.95 in Tollpass Convenience Charge (TCC = administrative fee) up to a maximum of $14 per rental period. Any unpaid toll costs will also be charged to your credit card. You will receive an overview by e-mail/post.

Toll Pass Waiver (TPW)

Covers all toll costs in Chicago for $6.99 a day.
This information is also included in the rental conditions.