Improve green driving using GreenSeat

Travelling and discovering the world is obviously wonderful, but greenhouse gas emissions unfortunately contribute to climate change. This is why Sunny Cars is working together with GreenSeat to improve green driving. By offsetting your CO2 emissions, you help households in developing countries receive access to sustainable energy. The end result is less CO2 in the atmosphere and a higher standard of living for local families. All thanks to you!

A picture says more than 1,000 words, so GreenSeat has developed a short video explaining how carbon offsetting works:


How are the CO2 emissions of the journey calculated?

Per litre of fuel a certain amount of CO2 is released into the air. The more you drive and the more polluting the vehicle is, the higher the CO2 emissions. On, you can easily calculate and offset the average CO2 emissions of your rental car using the details of your booking. It only costs a few euros and you receive a certificate as proof.

Contact your travel agency for green car rentals

If you book a Sunny Cars rental car through one of the partners listed below, it is carbon-offset as standard, without additional cost or actions. Another extra service from our environmentally aware partners!

  • ANWB
  • FOX Vakanties
  • Internatuur
  • Internoord Groningen
  • Multatuli Travel
  • Raptim Nederland
  • SNP
  • Stap Reizen
  • The Travel Company
  • VCK Travel

Sunny Cars itself is also green

As a broker we depend on our car rental partners and the cars they purchase. To make our own contribution, we are constantly looking for contract partners who offer fuel-efficient cars. In Sweden, for example, you can rent a VW Golf BlueMotion. Additionally, Sunny Cars itself works in a climate-neutral way. We have implemented the following measures for this:

  • Neutralisation of the office’s CO2 footprint
  • Printed matter on FSC-certified paper stock
  • Use of video conferencing to reduce the number of business flights
  • Green leased car fleet
  • Environmentally-friendly office equipment