Address delivery: your car delivered to your hotel

You get an instant extra Rent-a-Smile feeling from address delivery. With this useful service – also called hotel delivery – we arrange for the rental company to deliver the rental car to your hotel or apartment. This is ideal if you don't need the rental car straight away, and instead you want to first relax on the beach or at the pool for a few days, or if you prefer not to hop in a rental car straight away after a long flight. The car will be delivered to your hotel door whenever you want!

9 things to know about address delivery

1. Address delivery can be booked at many destinations worldwide. This is arranged in the Netherlands in advance, so all you need to do on holiday is enjoy things.

2. Your accommodation must have a reception desk to use this service.

3. The rental car usually cannot be delivered from an airport office. The car should therefore be booked at the closest city office. Our reservation team will be happy to help with this.

4. Depending on the rental company, you may be able to book address delivery online: select ‘address delivery’ during the booking process. Tip: Most bookings for address delivery are planned for around 10 am. This may result in waiting times. You could, for example, have the car delivered the evening before, so you won't have to wait in the morning and you can be off straight away! If you have the car picked up again in the evening, you will also stay within the 24-hour rule and no additional day will be charged.

5. Address delivery is sometimes subject to costs, which are stated in the rental conditions that you will see during the booking process. These costs are not included in our all-in package and must be paid at your destination.

6. Don't forget about the time difference at your location to make sure that you report to reception at the correct, agreed upon time when your rental car is delivered. This prevents misunderstandings and disappointments. After signing the rental contract, you can get in and drive about!

7. Tip: check if there is a car park at your hotel or apartment where you can safely park the rental car.

8. And to make things even easier: sometimes you can drop off the rental car at your accommodation by simply handing in the keys at reception at the end of the rental period.

9. In some locations, such as Curaçao, Sunny Cars even has offices in the most popular hotels. Why do things the hard way on holiday?