All about hotel delivery and its costs

Would you like to have your rental car delivered to your hotel? That is possible! With this convenient service, we arrange for the local partner to deliver the rental car to your hotel or flat. Perfect if you don't need the rental car immediately, and prefer to first relax for a few days at the beach or swimming pool or explore a city. Hotel delivery is also convenient if you do not want to get into a rental car immediately after a long flight. The car will be at your hotel door whenever suits you best!

What is hotel delivery?

When you make a reservation for a rental car, you often pick up the car at the airport or a city office. If you choose hotel delivery, the car will be delivered to your accommodation or a shuttle service will bring you to the rental office. This is convenient if you do not need a rental car from the first day of your holiday.

Pay attention to any time differences at your location, so that you report to reception at the agreed time when your rental car is delivered. This prevents misunderstandings and disappointments. After signing the rental contract, you can get in the car and drive around!

How much does it cost to have the rental car delivered to my hotel?

Sometimes costs are involved for delivery; these are directly visible during the booking process. That's good because then you know exactly where you stand! These costs are not included in our all-in package and have to be paid on the spot.

Tip: Check if there is a parking space at your hotel or flat where you can safely park your rental car.

How to book a hotel delivery?

Hotel delivery can be reserved at many destinations worldwide. You can arrange this in advance in the Netherlands, so you can enjoy your holiday in peace. Usually, the rental car cannot be delivered from an airport office. You should therefore reserve the car at the city office.

If hotel delivery is possible at your destination, you can book it online. Your accommodation must have a reception. Also, take into account the opening hours. During the booking process, you select the hotel delivery option. Tip: Most hotel delivery reservations are scheduled around 10 am. This can cause waiting times. You could, for example, have your car delivered the night before. That way, you won't have to wait until the morning and can drive off right away! If the car also gets returned in the evening, you will stay within the 24-hour rule and will not have to pay for an extra rental day.

Rental office in the hotel

At some destinations, the rental office is even in the hotel, for example at Curacao. Convenient, right? If you want to see whether you can pick up your rental car at your hotel or resort, you can check which pick-up locations are available during the booking process and select your preference.

Will my car be picked up at my hotel?

You return your rental car at the end of your holiday in the same way. Is your car delivered to your hotel? Then the car will be picked up there as well. What's more, sometimes you can return the rental car at your accommodation simply by handing in the keys at the reception at the end of the rental period.

That’s a great way to rent a carefree car, isn’t it? Having your car delivered to the address of your accommodation is such a luxury. That way you don't have to worry about picking it up and you can get on the road right away from your holiday address!

All about hotel delivery and its costs