From what age are you permitted to drive a rental car?

The average minimum age for driving a rental car is 23. However, this may differ per category, destination and local partner. The age rules are often stricter for a larger/more luxurious car. We work together with various partners. This means that the requirements may differ at a destination, as we work on the basis of availability with a partner that might use a higher minimum age. Another common requirement is that you must have had a valid licence for at least 1 or 2 years.

Sunny Cars in any case has no influence on the minimum age; it is determined by the insurers of the local partner. The minimum age can be lowered to 21 at a number of destinations, provided you take out additional insurance for this. The exact minimum age at your destination is always stated in the rental conditions.

Under Age package

The Under Age package lowers the minimum age from 25 to 21. This allows you to go on a road-trip with a rental car in the USA (and a number of other countries) when you're 21 years old. Useful: with this package, the lower age will already be arranged and paid for at home. If you arrange this at your destination, it may be more expensive. Alternating drivers is also possible, because the lower age applies to the main driver and any additional drivers. Obviously, everybody will have to be at least 21. How long you've had your licence is also important in some countries, but this does not apply in the USA. Tip: also check out the rental conditions page.

Maximum age

Some destinations use a maximum age for car rental. If this is the case at your destination, it will be stated in the rental conditions.

Any exceptions?

No, exceptions to the local age arrangements are absolutely not open to discussion. Otherwise you will not be insured and you will not even be legally allowed to drive. You will then be driving illegally, which would cause a great deal of unnecessary extra work if you inadvertently suffer damage or are involved in an accident. We feel responsible for our car rental customers, so we strictly observe the age arrangements. Please note: if the age you submit is wrong, this is your own responsibility. If any incorrect details are submitted and they do not meet the local requirements, the deal is off: you won't receive the car.