Choose the Online Check-in service and reduce time at the counter.

When you go on holiday, you want to get into your rental car as quickly as possible. Turn on the music, open the windows, feel the wind through your hair and off to your destination! But before you get there, you have to go to the rental desk to have the rental contract drawn up, checked and signed. This takes some time. With the Online Check-in service, you have already filled in all the details in advance. This way you can pick up your rental car faster and start enjoying your holiday.

What is the Online Check-in service?

Would you like to have the rental contract already filled in for you when you go to the rental counter? Well, that is possible! If you choose the Online Check-in service, we offer you the possibility to register in advance. We will pass on your encrypted details to the local fleet provider and make sure they have your completed rental agreement ready. The only thing left for you to do is to check the rental contract, sign it and receive the car keys. Then your rental car adventure can start!

Tip: If you also book our Fastlane service, you'll be on your way in no time! Because with our Fastlane service, you can even skip the line!

What are the advantages of the Online Check-in service?

If you choose the Online Check-in service, you will reduce your time at the counter. After all, you have already filled in your details in advance and the local fleet provider has already entered them. You only have to check the contract and sign it. An extra advantage of this service is that you have already filled in your personal details at home and double checked them.This way you avoid the risk that something is filled in incorrectly. Now that is very convenient!

How to book the Online Check-in service?

If you book your rental car online, you can filter the 'Services' section and select Online Check-in. Check this option and you will see the rental cars with this service included in the rental price. Select the rental car of your choice and complete your booking in just a few clicks. It's that easy! The Online Check-in service is available up to 5 days before the pick up date.

Pre-registration is required for the Online Check-in service

To use the Online Check-in service you need to register online in advance. This can be done via the link on the voucher up to 48 hours before the start of the rental. You fill in all your details on a secure page so that the local fleet supplier already has these when you come to the counter. Don't forget to register online! Without the registration, you can't benefit from the advantage of a pre-filled rental contract. That would be a pity.

Did you book the Contactless Pick-up service or the No Deposit service in addition to the Online Check-in service? Then you are required to register. 

This is how online registration works

It is easy to register online. On the second page of your voucher you will find a link to the online registration page. There you will see a summary of your reservation. Click on "Register" to proceed to the section where you can enter your personal details. We have already filled in some of the information for you. This information is shown with asterisks to protect your privacy. Fill in the missing details so that the rental agreement can be drawn up for you.

Add an additional driver in advance

Is the Additional Driver service included in your booking? In that case you can already enter the name and driving licence details of the extra driver on the registration page.  This saves you some paperwork on the spot!

Choose the Online Check-in service and reduce time at the counter.