Refund of towing costs for your rental car

Does your rental car need to be towed away? No worries! We reimburse you for the costs of towing the car. Before you know it, you can continue your holiday.

Are towing costs included with Sunny Cars?

At Sunny Cars you always rent all-inclusive, even towing costs are included. So if your car won't start or you have a technical problem, don't worry! As long as you stick to the rules, you don't have to worry about the costs.

When does your car need to be towed?

If your car does not start, has a (technical) defect or a flat tire, it may need to be towed away.

You would rather not think about it, but it is also possible that your rental car needs to be towed away after an accident. In that case we reimburse the towing of the car (unless you have committed a serious traffic violation, but that goes without saying).

What if you have a flat tire with your rental car?

If you have a flat tire, first try to change it yourself. Chances are that your rental car will not need to be towed away and that you can fix it yourself. That would be an easy fix, because that way you will be on your way again quickly. Can't fix the tire yourself or is the damage too severe? Contact your local fleet provider. The phone number is on your voucher. The rental car will most likely be towed away. The good news is: we will cover the towing costs!

Claiming towing costs

At Sunny Cars you can easily claim the towing costs. We will ask you to upload photos and documents such as your credit card statement, the invoice, the local rental contract and the damage report of the local fleet provider (if available). With these documents the file will be complete and we can handle the claim for you at full speed!

Vergoeding voor de sleepkosten van je huurauto