Crossing the border with a rental car

With a rental car you have ultimate freedom. A day trip to the coast? No problem. To an authentic village in the interior? That is also possible. Or a trip to the neighbouring country, which is great fun. So you can visit two countries in one holiday, or even more! If you want to make a trip to an adjacent country with your rental car during a road trip, this is called a ‘Cross border’. If you apply for this, you can cross the border with your rental car. 

What is Cross border?

Crossing the border into another country, from country A to B, is called ‘Cross border’. Crossing the border with a rental car is not allowed just like that. You should therefore request it when you’re booking your rental car. We can then put this in writing for you with the local partner and arrange the necessary insurance papers. In many cases there is an extra charge for crossing the border.

If you do not request the border crossing or it is not allowed and you cross the border anyway, the insurance will become invalid. That can have consequences in case of damage or an accident. That is why it is important to make proper arrangements in advance, so that you can enjoy your holiday without any worries.

Popular border crossings

It is of course great fun to visit other countries during your holiday. For example, many holidaymakers make a trip from France to Italy, or vice versa. Crossing the border from Croatia to Montenegro is also popular. And last but not least: from Germany to Austria or from Spain to Portugal. A popular border crossing outside of Europe is from South Africa to Swaziland. However, you will need a permission form for this. So request this cross border form directly when making your reservation.

Can I just cross the border with the rental car?

No, this is not always allowed 'just like that'. In many countries you can cross the border with your rental car without any problems, but in some cases you need specific permission from the local fleet provider to drive your rental car in another country. How do you know if it is allowed? You can read this in the rental conditions when you have selected a rental car.

 In the rental conditions it is clearly stated to which countries a border crossing is allowed and what the costs are, if any. Crossing borders is not always allowed. This is often due to security, import or taxes. For example, it is not possible to drive from the US to Mexico or vice versa. Also, from Spain you are not allowed to drive to Morocco with a rental car.

Why do I need to apply for a cross border?

With a rental car you can not just cross the border. You need to request permission from the supplier beforehand, which you can do online when making your reservation. The request to cross the border has everything to do with insurance. If you don't apply for this and you still make that trip to the neighbouring country, the insurance will become invalid. And if you have a breakdown or suffer damage? Then there may be consequences. For example, you may not receive roadside assistance. If you apply in advance, we will ensure that the border crossing is recorded in writing, so that you are fully covered in country B as well.

What does it cost to cross the border with a rental car?

It may be the case that the local fleet provider charges a surcharge for crossing the border. You can see this immediately when you make your online reservation! At some destinations it is even free. Always worthwhile to check!

How to book a rental car with border crossing?

During your search for a suitable rental car, you can see online if a border crossing is possible and the possible costs involved.

Would you like to book a cross border? That is very simple. You don't have to do this on the spot, but while booking on our website! During the booking process you will see exactly what is possible and what it costs. It is worthwhile to compare. The price for crossing the border can differ for each car and local partner. Tip: If you rent the car in an area where an environmental sticker is required, the local fleet provider will arrange this sticker for you. If you cross the border and a sticker is required there as well, then make sure you purchase this yourself.

Crossing borders enables you to get the most out of your holiday! How much fun is it to visit not just one, but several countries! Request this when making your reservation so that you can discover all the beauty in the area.

Crossing the border with a rental car