Complete your rental car with winter (sports) accessories

Are you going to a winter sports holiday destination? Then it is a good idea to make a list of what you'll need in advance. Winter tires? Snow chains? A ski box? All of them will be very handy when you leave for a snowy area and drive around in a rental car. You can book various winter accessories with Sunny Cars so that you can drive carefree at snowy destinations!

Which winter sports accessories are there?

To make sure you get the most out of your rental car during your wintery holiday, we offer various winter accessories. Winter tires? We can arrange that. A ski box (or ski-rack)? That is another possibility. Or snow chains? We can arrange that too! 

Winter or all-season tires as an accessory

You are treading on thin ice if you get into a car without special tires during a winter sports trip. So always think of winter tires when you leave for a snowy destination! As you might expect, we offer winter tires or all-season tires. If winter tires are compulsory at a destination, they are already included in our all-in rental price. That's what we think is fair, instead of charging a mandatory surcharge and thus keeping the price optically low. 

Are winter tires not compulsory? Then you can choose to add them separately. This can be done as an accessory or as a service. If you choose the Winter tires service, we will add the costs of this service to your rental price. Both the rental car and the winter tires are then paid for in advance. In the filter menu you can see exactly which services we offer at your destination. Are the winter tires only available as an accessory? Then we reserve them for you, but you pay the costs to the local fleet provider when picking up the car. 

Tip: Are you renting a car from the Netherlands to drive to your winter destination? Then winter tires are not included and you need to reserve them separately if this is compulsory for your destination. This can be done as an accessory. 

All your stuff in the ski box!

A ski rack is a system that is attached on top of the rental car. You can put your skis that do not fit in the car in this rack. It's a great way to save space in the car! Another way to transport your skis and other luggage is a ski box or roof box. Here you can also store other items, such as ski boots. It differs per local car park provider if a ski-rack or ski box is offered. Good to know: you cannot rent a ski rack, ski box or snow chains from the Netherlands. 

Safe on the road with snow chains

If you're going on a winter holiday, there's a good chance that you'll be driving through snow-covered areas. It is therefore important that you bring snow chains with you! Snow chains provide extra grip and make your car journey a lot safer. Aren't winter tires enough on snowy roads? No, not always. What if there is black ice? It is reassuring to have snow chains with you. In fact, in some countries you are even obliged to use snow chains. 

How do I reserve winter sports accessories?

In the rental conditions you can read which accessories are available. After selecting the car you would like to rent, you can add the desired accessories in the next step.

How do I pay for winter sports accessories?

The accessories are not included in the all-inclusive rental price and are to be paid locally. The costs are clearly stated during the booking process and on the voucher, which you will receive from us after payment. Transparent and clear, exactly what you can expect from us.

Complete your rental car with winter (sports) accessories