An emissions sticker for your rental car, how does it work?

At some destinations an emissions sticker is required to be able to drive. We have put together all the important information for you and will of course help you on your way.

What is an emissions sticker?

Abroad there are sometimes so-called environmental zones. These environmental zones aim to improve air quality by reducing the emission of particulate matter. You may only drive in such zones if your car has an emissions sticker. Such a sticker is proof that your vehicle meets certain emission standards. The stickers often come in different colours, whereby the colour indicates how much particulate matter the vehicle emits.

Where and when do you need an environmental sticker?

Europe has a large number of countries with so-called environmental zones. In many cases you will need an emissions sticker. This applies for example to Germany and France, but there are also environmental zones in Spain. The ANWB has a handy page where you can find more information about where exactly you need emissions stickers. You can also read more about how to purchase an emissions sticker here.

Is an emissions sticker included in the all-in car rental from Sunny Cars?

Do you rent a car in a country where an environmental sticker is obligatory in certain areas or cities? Then the sticker has already been arranged for you. You do not have to do anything yourself. That's easy!

But beware: an emissions sticker is only included for the country where the car is registered. If you take the rental car to another country where an environmental sticker is required, then you must provide the correct emissions sticker yourself. Even though rental cars are often relatively new and therefore emit less particulate matter than older models, you will still need a sticker.

You need the car's registration number to apply for an emissions badge online, but you will only know the registration number when you pick up the rental car. So unfortunately, it is not possible to request the emissions sticker in advance.

Fortunately, you can often buy an emissions sticker in the country itself, for example at petrol stations. So keep in mind that after you have picked up your rental car, you will have to make a stop somewhere to buy the emissions sticker and stick it on! Of course, you can always park outside the city where a sticker is required and walk to the city centre. That way you avoid the sticker requirement altogether.

We have to admit: this is a complicated subject. With this information, you are fully informed. Do you still need our help? Or would you like to clarify something? No problem at all. Our car rental experts are happy to help you on your way!

An emissions sticker for your rental car, how does it work?