Customise your rental car with our services

Our car rental is all-inclusive, which means that all insurances are taken care of. No hassle on the spot and no hidden costs. You get everything you need so you can enjoy the unlimited mileage worry-free. You and your holiday are unique, so you can customise your car rental with our additional services.

A big advantage of the services is that you book and pay for them in advance and they are included in the all-inclusive price. This way everything is already taken care of and all you have to do is check the rental contract, sign it and off you go! When booking your rental car you will see which services are available at your destination. We are happy to introduce all services to you, so you know exactly how to customize your car rental.

Additional driver

It's great to alternate driving with your travel companion, so you can fully enjoy the view along the way! With the Additional Driver service, a second driver is included in the rental price.

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Online Check-in

Register online prior to picking up, and the rental contract will be ready and waiting for you. This is ideal, because it saves you time at the counter. All you have to do is check and sign the contract and you're ready to go!

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With the Fastlane service you skip the line to pick up your rental. Get off the plane and into your rental car quickly, without any queues. Your holiday will start in no time!

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No Deposit

If you choose this service, you won't have to pay a deposit on the spot. That way, you do not need a credit card or cash deposit to rent a car!

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Young Car

A comfortable rental car makes for an even better rental experience. If you choose this service, your rental car is less than 1 year old or has less than 25,000 kilometres on the odometer.

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Young Driver

Do you not meet the minimum age requirement to rent a car? Then you can lower the minimum age with this service. All arranged and paid for in advance.

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If you want to make sure you stay on track during your car rental, then the GPS service is the right choice for you. A navigation system will be included in the rental price.

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Winter tires

If winter tires are mandatory at your destination, they will be included in your all-inclusive rental price. But if winter tires are not required and you'd like your rental car to have them, you should choose this service.

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Contactless Pickup

Pick up your rental car quick and easy without the intervention of a desk clerk! If you choose this service, you sign your rental contract at a machine and receive your key there.

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Smartphone pick-up

After arriving at the airport you don't have to go to the counter, you just sign the rental contract on your smartphone. You also unlock the rental car with your smartphone. This way you are in charge of everything and are on your way in no time!

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Rooftop tent

Enjoy a camping experience with your rental car! This service allows you to rent a car with a rooftop tent and camping accessories. Adventure awaits!

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Customize your all-inclusive rental car perfectly to your own needs

Your Sunny Cars rental car comes with optimal insurance as standard. But you may want to add something extra to your reservation. That is why, as a car rental specialist, we offer options for you to customize your car rental to your own needs. You can do this with our unique services, extras, and accessories. This means you can properly enjoy your car rental and your holiday!

All about our unique all-inclusive formula

It is good to know upfront that there will be no issues later. This is the all-inclusive car rental offer from Sunny Cars. All the insurances you need throughout your car rental are included.

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Extras, for making your rental car perfect for you

Do you want your rental car to fulfil your wishes even better? With our extras, you can reserve all your child seats or other accessories, in advance. You can also arrange a one-way, delivery to your accommodation or cross border.

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Good to know when renting a car

We want to make car rental as easy and carefree as possible for you – before, during, and after your rental period. That is why we have listed all the information for you. From the deposit to categories to the fuel policy, we clarify everything for you.

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