At Sunny Cars the excess is returned to you.

100% guaranteed: at Sunny Cars you won't have to pay for any excess. Where possible, we will already have bought out the excess. Some countries do, however, have local excess on the CDW and TP insurance – damage to and theft of the rental car, respectively. In the unlikely event that your rental car is damaged, you will have to pay the excess up front (often equal to the deposit) at your destination. Once you're back home, you can easily claim it back using the online claims form. Sunny Cars will reimburse the full amount as soon as possible. Provided the conditions are met, obviously, but that goes without saying.

No need to take out any additional insurance!

A Sunny Cars rental car is all-in – with all the necessary insurance, including additional third-party cover of €7.5 million, cover of window-tyre-undercarriage-roof damage and reimbursement of the excess. That's what we call comprehensively insured. So:

  • You won't need to take out any additional insurance at your destination
  • We promise
  • So don't take out any Super CDW, No-Risk or GoZen insurance

Even if the rental company tries to fob you into it: don't be fooled, it's money down the drain. We cannot emphasise this enough, so it's also clearly stated on your voucher. Pay attention when signing the rental contract that you're not signing for additional insurance. Once you have confirmed the contract with your signature, it's very difficult for us to cancel that insurance.
Once again: you have comprehensive insurance in your 100% carefree all-in rental car and Sunny Cars will reimburse the excess.