At Sunny Cars, you get your excess back

Knowing in advance that you will not have to face unexpected costs afterwards. That's the great thing about all-inclusive car rental. Another great thing: At Sunny Cars, you do not have to pay for the excess. This will save you a lot of money in case the rental gets damaged.

What is the difference between no excess and refund of excess?

Sunny Cars has often already bought off the excess (where possible). In that case, there is no excess. However, in some countries there is a local excess on the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft protection (TP). In the unlikely event of damage to the rental car, you will have to pay the excess on the spot. After you return home you can claim this and we will refund the full amount as soon as possible. This is called ''refund of excess''.

Is it necessary to buy off the excess?

No. A short and sweet answer. It is not necessary to buy off the excess at Sunny Cars. Is there an additional insurance offered locally? Or are you are asked to buy off the excess? Then you can confidently say no.  All-inclusive car rental really means that everything is included. And even if you have to pay for the excess in case of damage, we will refund it to you afterwards. Avoid unnecessary extra costs and do not buy it off. There is no need to!

What is the excess at Sunny Cars?

At Sunny Cars we work together with several local car rental suppliers. The amount of the excess can differ per supplier and per rental car category. You can always find information about the excess in the rental conditions.

Why do I have to pay a deposit if there is no excess?

When picking up your rental car you will have to pay a deposit. Do not confuse the deposit with the excess! You pay the deposit to the local car rental supplier.  After all, you are entrusted with quite a valuable object. It is a guarantee in case of damage, theft, fraud or negligence. You shouldn’t see the deposit as an expense, because after the rental period the amount will be refunded or the hold on your creditcard will be released. The deposit is usually the same as the amount of the excess, but they are two different matters.

How do I get the excess back?

Did you have to pay the excess on the spot? When you return home you can easily claim this by filling in the online claim form or via the link on your voucher. Sunny Cars will refund the full amount as soon as possible. On the condition, of course, that you meet our requirements.

In short: even the excess is taken care of. Buy it off? No need to. You can enjoy the carefree kilometers on the spot. Is there any damage? No worries! When you return home, our customer care department is ready to refund you the excess amount (if any) as soon as possible.

At Sunny Cars, you get your excess back