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Carefree car rental on Bonaire with Sunny Cars

Car rental on Bonaire is the ideal way to get the most out of your holiday. Explore the enchanting villages like Rincon, sample local delicacies at the markets, and relax on the beautiful beaches like Sorobon Beach. Discover Bonaire's highlights, such as the Bonaire National Marine Park.

Discover Bonaire without worries thanks to Sunny Cars. Our all-in formula includes optimal insurance, with damage insurance, theft insurance, comprehensive third-party insurance and glass-tire-roof cover. In case of damage, the excess is also refunded. Furthermore, you drive in a rental car with unlimited mileage, so you can discover all the beautiful places on Bonaire. Rent a car and enjoy your trip without worries. 

Where can you rent a car on Bonaire?

Sunny Cars has two locations on Bonaire where you can pick up your rental car. Choose the airport to get on the road immediately after your flight, or pick up your car later at a city office for more flexibility. 

  • Airport office: Want to get your rental car on the road as soon as you feel the Bonaire ground beneath your feet? Then pick up your car straight from Bonaire International Airport
  • City office: if you want to explore the town or relax on the beach for a few days first, you can choose to pick up your rental car at the city office in Kralendijk. With the convenience of the city office, you can customise your travel plans to suit your pace and preferences.
  • Hotel delivery: with local partners on Bonaire, you can also opt for hotel delivery. Your car will then be delivered to the location where you are staying at an agreed time. When the car rental period ends, the rental car will also be picked up at the same location. It doesn't get much easier than this!

Customise your car hire with the No Deposit service!

In addition to the all-inclusive formula, discover the extra services that make car rental on Bonaire complete. Find the services using the filter on our website, and see for which rental car category this service is available.

Take advantage of our No Deposit service, for example. With this service, you pay no deposit when picking up your rental car on Bonaire. This means no extra financial obligations. Always book the extra service in advance and enjoy your car rental carefree.


Handy to know when car rental on Bonaire.

Signposts on Bonaire

On Bonaire, most signposts are in Dutch and Papiamentu. 

Busy days on Bonaire

Bonaire generally does not have extremely busy periods on the roads. Bear in mind, however, that roads may be slightly busier during holiday periods.

Fuel on Bonaire

Refuelling on Bonaire is easy. Most petrol stations accept both cash payments and credit cards. Petrol stations are usually open during normal business hours. Bear in mind that some smaller stations may be closed on Sundays.

Destinations in Bonaire

Frequently asked questions about your car rental on Bonaire

Can you car rental on Bonaire without a credit card?

Definitely! Although a credit card is usually required, you can rent a car on Bonaire without a credit card. This can be done in two ways: rent a car with cash deposit, or a rental car with the No Deposit service where we guarantee the deposit. Read more about booking a rental car without a credit card here.

Can I add a second driver to my car rental on Bonaire?

A second driver is not included as standard in our all-inclusive car hire package. You can add a second driver to your car hire by:

  • Renting a car with the Extra Driver service
  • Adding the additional driver as an extra when picking up the rental car. There will be an additional charge for this locally. 

How old do you have to be to rent a car in Bonaire?

The minimum age to drive a rental car on Bonaire is usually 25 years, but this can vary by location and even by category. Read the rental conditions of the rental car you want to rent to see what the minimum age is. 

How much does a rental car cost on Bonaire?

The cost of car rental on Bonaire can vary a lot. It depends on supply and demand during the desired rental period. For the most accurate price information, we recommend filling in the rental period and destination on our website. That way, you can find out what the all-in rental price is for your car hire in Bonaire.

Facts about Bonaire

Explore Bonaire with the freedom of a rental car

A Caribbean gem, Bonaire is known for its white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and laid-back atmosphere. Discover the local culture, snorkel at the coral reefs and explore the serene nature reserves. The island oozes tranquillity and adventure, perfect for exploring by rental car.

Top 5 sights to visit with a rental car on Bonaire

  1. Washington Slagbaai National Park: A pristine nature reserve with desert landscapes and rare birds.
  2. Lac Bay: Ideal for when you want to feel the wind through your hair. It is the place to windsurf and kitesurf.
  3. Slave Huts: Historic salt flats that served as accommodation for the slaves of the salt pans. Now they are an important historical monument.
  4. Pink Beach: Is known for its enchanting pink sand. The pink hue is created by tiny fragments of coral, shellfish and other organisms. 
  5. Kralendijk: Charming capital with colourful buildings and shops.

The roads of Bonaire

Bonaire's roads are modern and well-maintained. However, they are relatively narrow, so be careful when passing other vehicles. The island has no highways, but the roads are suitable for reaching the main attractions. Traffic is usually quiet, except during peak hours.

What kind of rental car do I need on Bonaire?

On Bonaire, a compact car is recommended, such as a hatchback or a sedan. These are ideal for exploring the island, as the roads are generally narrow. 

Best travel time to visit Bonaire

The best time to visit Bonaire is between December and April, when it is dry and sunny. This is also the high season, so book your rental car and accommodation well in advance. For diving enthusiasts, September and October are ideal due to warm waters and quieter dive sites.

Food and drink from Bonaire

Bonaire is known for its delicious seafood, such as fresh fish and lobster. Also try local dishes such as ‘karko’ (konk shell) and ‘kadushi’ (cactus salad). Refresh yourself with ‘awara’ juice or enjoy local beer brands like ‘Bonaire Blond.’ Remember, after consuming alcohol, do not continue your car ride.

Words and phrases about car rental in Papiamentu

  • Stoplight - Semaforo
  • Breakdown - Dificultat
  • Turn - Kurva
  • Car key - Yabi di auto
  • Parking place - Luga pa para auto
  • Which car is for me? - Kua outo ta bon pa mi?
  • Here you have my driving licence. - Aki bo tin mi lesensia di maneho. 
  • Does gasoline or diesel go in my car? - Kuantu gasolina or diesel ta drenta den mi outo?
  • Where is the nearest petrol station? - Unda ta mas serka stacion di gasolin?
  • Where do I leave my car when my holiday is over? - Unda mi por laga mi outo ora mi biaha kla?

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