Loss and damage of the car key and/or car papers

Oh dear, it is nowhere to be found... You have lost your car key! Not in the beach bag, under the bed or in your coat pocket. Do not panic: at Sunny Cars you are always insured against losing your car keys or car papers.

What to do if you lose the keys to your rental car?

That is inconvenient, especially when you are about to leave. If you have lost your car keys, contact your local fleet provider. You will find the phone number on your voucher. They will help you on your way: literally and figuratively!

What to do if you lose your car papers?

You need the car documents in case something goes wrong or in case you get a police check. Thankfully, losing those papers is not the end of the world. You can contact the local car rental company to resolve it! If you follow their instructions, you will be fine.

When will I be reimbursed for lost or damaged car keys or car papers?

We can be brief about that: unless there is intent, recklessness, gross negligence or negligence, you will always be reimbursed for the costs of losing your car keys or car papers. Tip: never leave the car papers in your rental car!

You have to pay the costs of the loss of your car key or car papers on the spot. When you return home, you can easily declare the costs online and we will reimburse you. Do not forget that you can always reach us on our emergency number if you are in doubt about something, or if you have trouble figuring it out. That is the sunny service you can expect from us!

Loss and damage of the car key and/or car papers