Child seat for the rental car

Do you want to go on a trip with the whole family? And do you have a child that needs a child seat in the car? No problem at all! When you rent a car, you can also reserve a child seat. Very convenient, because in most countries a child seat is mandatory.

Is a child seat mandatory with the rental car?

A baby or child seat is mandatory in the Netherlands for children up to 1.35 meters. In some countries, you have to be at least 1.50 metres tall to be allowed to ride along without a child seat. Check the website of the ANWB for the rules at your holiday destination. That way you know for sure that you are reserving the right seat.

What child seats are available?

The weight of your child determines which seat they should use:

  • Less than 13 kg: baby car seat (group 0 and 0+)
  • Between 9 and 18 kilos: child car seat (group 1)
  • Between 15 and 36 kilos: booster seat (Group 2 and 3)
  • Over 36 kilos: car seat belt, possibly with a booster seat or separate belt guide

Our tip: bring your own (inflatable) booster seat or Maxi-Cosi. If you can do so, you will of course save some money and your child is seated in their own seat. Much better!

If you think it's too much hassle to bring your own child's seat, you can book the right child's seat in advance through Sunny Cars. We will make sure that a safe car seat will be ready for you.

How do you book a child seat?

The child seat is an accessory that you can reserve in advance, but you have to pay the local partner on the spot. The rental car terms and conditions state which child seats are available and what the costs are. That way you know exactly where you stand! Once you have chosen a rental car, you can add the desired child seat to your booking in the next step at 'accessories'. Make sure you book early because most destinations have a limited number of child seats available and during the school holidays, things can go fast. Otherwise, you (or your child) might be without one!

Is a child seat not mentioned in the rental conditions and list of accessories? Then we do not offer it for that specific rental car. This is always the case when you opt for the Contactless Pick-up service.

Can I specify a preference for a brand of child seat?

No, we cannot tell you in advance what brand the car seat will be. We also cannot tell you how it should be installed in the rental car. We do not have more information than weight and age. However, you can be sure that our local fleet provider will have a suitable seat ready for you!

Tip: bring your own universal car seat cover

Are you reserving a child seat in your rental car? Then bring a universal child seat cover with you. They are available at many shops, for example at Prenatal. That way you are sure that your child is sitting in a nice and clean chair. A terry cloth cover is also cool and comfortable!

Why should I install the child seat myself?

It is important to keep in mind that you often have to install the seat in the car yourself. Car rental companies do not want to run the risk of being held responsible for an incorrectly installed seat. That is why you often have to place the seat in the car yourself. It’s a good thing because by doing it yourself you can check whether the seat is mounted properly.