Damage to the rental car? Don’t worry, you rent all-inclusive!

Oh dear, damage to the rental car! That is the last thing you want to happen during your holiday. But accidents or trouble on the road can happen at any time. Damage to the rental car can happen without you being able to do anything about it. No worries! A rental car from Sunny Cars is rented all-inclusive and 100% carefree. From the reservation to the return of the car and the possible settlement of claims. The damage insurance (CDW) is standard included and your liability insurance is complemented with a minimum coverage of € 10 million. For your carefree holiday, we play it safe!

What should you do if the rental car gets damaged?

In case of any damage, please inform the local fleet provider and explain what happened. They will then tell you what to do. The contact details of the local fleet provider can be found on the local rental contract. Sometimes the number is also on the key chain.

Tip: take photos of the damage and the situation. It is possible that you have to pay (part of) the excess on the spot. You can then send these photos along with your claim. Keep the receipt or invoice, because you will also need it for the claim. Further on we will tell you more about how to do this.

Damage to a third party

Is there a third party involved in the collision? Contact the local fleet provider to report the damage and ask if you need to have a police report drawn up. A police report is sometimes required in order to be able to claim your damages. 

Did you cause damage to another car with your car, for example door to door? Even for such a relatively simple damage, you sometimes need to have a police report drawn up. So always check with the local car rental company or read about it in the rental terms and conditions.

Police report for damage or unilateral accident

At some destinations, it is mandatory to have a (police) report drawn up by the police or another party in case of damage or a unilateral accident. This is the case, for example, on Curaçao and in Croatia. You can always find more information about this in the rental conditions. One more reason to read the rental conditions carefully!

Existing damage to the rental car

What if you are offered a rental car that may already have some scratches or dents on it when you pick it up? When you pick up the car, the staff member will do a quick walk around the car to note any existing damage. Walk along with the employee, and also have a look yourself to make sure that all existing damage is correctly noted on the form and double check it to be 100% sure.  That way, no disagreements can arise after the rental period. Prevention is better than cure! Is the rental car not technically sound? Then, of course, you can ask for a different one.

What should you do if your rental car breaks down?

Breakdowns with the car are not something you want to experience. Especially not during your holiday. But if it happens, help is at hand. In case of a breakdown, always contact the local car rental company for breakdown assistance. Please note: do not call in road assistance yourself (without consultation), because these costs will not be reimbursed.

What should you do in case of damage to windows, tires, undercarriage or roof?

The costs for these damages are covered. That is one of the big advantages of all-in car rental with Sunny Cars. On our page about windows-tires-undercarriage-roof damage coverage, you can read what to do.

Handling and reimbursement at Sunny Cars

Damage to the rental car, breakdowns on the road or even an accident... You don't want this to be part of your holiday. In case of damage to the rental car, in most cases you have to pay the excess. Because the excess is part of our all-in formula, we will refund it to you. So don't worry, with the above information you will be fine. If not, our customer care department is always ready to help. They have a lot of car rental knowledge and can tell you everything about the settlement and how to claim your refund.

Damage to the rental car? Don’t worry, you rent all-inclusive!