All about the local rental conditions

In the rental conditions we list all the important information about your selected rental car. From the amount of the deposit and excess to information about minimum age or child seats. We'll be happy to explain all about the local rental conditions!

What are the local rental conditions?

The rental conditions list all the important information about the car rental. From all the important insurances that are included by default, the amount of the deposit, the minimum and maximum age, to information about making a border crossing and the amount of the excess. When you rent a car from us, you agree to these rental conditions. That's why we include the conditions in different places and at different times, and we make sure they are easy to read. We stand for clarity and transparency!

It's also good to know that the rental conditions on our website can differ per car. This is because we work with different local fleet providers. Therefore it is wise to always read and compare the rental conditions.

Difference between the local rental conditions and the General Terms and Conditions

It might be a bit confusing... Local Terms and Conditions, Rental Terms and Conditions, General Terms and Conditions. There is a big difference! When you rent from us, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions are about your booking. The local rental terms and conditions are the terms and conditions of the local fleet provider and are specific to your car rental.

Where do you find the local rental conditions?

You can find the rental conditions on our website. While searching for a suitable rental car, you can already view and compare the rental conditions. But also during and after the reservation of the rental car, you can read the rental conditions. After making the reservation and paying the fee, you will receive the voucher. This document also contains a summary of the rental conditions. You can also read the rental conditions online. How do I do this? By clicking on the My Booking or My Sunny link, which you will receive from us after making the reservation. Handy! This way you always have all information at hand.

What do the local rental conditions say?

In the rental conditions all important information is mentioned. First of all, you can find out what is included in the all-in car rental, but also other important information. For example, the minimum and maximum age, the rules for crossing the border and information about any toll roads. Much of the information is also shown during the booking process, such as the amount of the deposit and any additional costs (for example, for dropping off outside opening hours). You will always find additional information in the rental conditions. Just have a look at the rental conditions and you will understand why it is always important to read these carefully! We’ve also included hygiene measures in the rental conditions recently, so you know exactly what to expect on site!

Why do the local rental conditions differ per car?

We work with several local fleet providers and these providers each have their own terms and conditions. Therefore, the rental conditions on our website may also differ per car. But what about our all-in formula? No worries! It doesn't matter who you rent from, because you always rent according to our Sunny all-in formula. So those important insurances don't differ per car. What can differ? For example, the rules for crossing the border or the minimum and maximum age.

Compare rental conditions

You can easily compare the rental conditions per car. It can even save you money! A car that seems more expensive at first can be a more profitable choice for you. For example, one local fleet provider may charge a different price for a child seat or GPS than another. And with some partners, an additional driver is included while with others it is not. A good comparison is therefore worthwhile! How do you compare rental cars on our website? It's very simple. Tick the 'compare' box, you can then compare up to three cars at the same time.

 It's wise to read the rental conditions before you book your car, to avoid surprises, be fully up to date and maybe even save money.

All about the local rental conditions