Drive safely in the snow: book the Winter Tire Service

Are you going on holiday in the winter months and do you enjoy driving around in a rental car? Of course you can! It's nice to know that winter tires are already included in the car in destinations where they are mandatory. Are you travelling to a different place and do you want winter tires? Then you can just book them. That way you are always well prepared on the road.

What is the Winter Tire Service?

At Sunny Cars we want everyone to travel 100% carefree. Besides optimal insurances, we also do all we can for your safety - in every season. If you get into a car without winter tires during your winter holiday, you are on a slippery slope. Literally and figuratively. So always think about winter tires when you leave for a snowy paradise. Fortunately, Sunny Cars thinks along with you. In destinations where winter tires are mandatory, they are already included in the all-in car rental.

If you travel to a destination where winter tires are not obligatory, but the roads are slippery, you can choose to add winter tires yourself. That's ideal!

What are the advantages of the Winter Tire Service?

If you're travelling to a destination where winter tires are not mandatory, it's handy to book them anyway. If it' s a snowy day, you'll be glad you chose this service. This way you can drive around safely and without worry-free.

Tip: More and more people chose to fly to their winter holiday destination and rent a car there. This way you don't have to deal with traffic jams and you'll be on the slopes sooner!

Are winter tires included in the car rental?

Winter tires are mandatory in many countries. Think of Germany, Austria, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Poland. At Sunny Cars you rent all-in. That is why they are always included in the price when winter tires are mandatory in the country you are travelling to.

Are you flying to Geneva? Then check whether you have to pick up the rental car on the French or Swiss side. In Switzerland, winter tires are mandatory and you will automatically get winter tires. In France, winter tires are not mandatory on all roads, so they are not included. Winter tires are recommended in the ski areas. In other words: if you rent a car in France, you should always add winter tires separately. The sooner you do this, the better. Then you can be sure that the cars with winter tires or extra accessories are still in stock. A good start of your carefree car rental!

How to book the Winter Tires Service?

You can easily book the Winter Tires Service via the website. After entering your destination, you can select the Winter Tires option in the filter if it is available at your destination. It's as simple as that!

Book additional winter accessories

If you want to be sure your rental car is equipped with extra (winter) accessories like snow chains and a ski box, you can book these as an extra to your reservation. When making your booking you can request these accessories if available in step 2 of the reservation process, under 'request accessories'. Tick the box next to the items you would like to book. You will see what these items cost, so no surprises there either. However, you do have to pay for them on the spot.

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