Windows-tires-undercarriage-roof damage cover is always included

All-in car rental according to Sunny Cars means car rental where everything has been thought of, so you can explore your holiday destination without worries. That's why even windows, tires, undercarriage and roof damage coverage is included! Unique? It certainly is! It is an additional part of our all-in service. What is included in this windows-tires-undercarriage-roof damage coverage you ask? We'll clarify it for you.

What does the windows-tires-undercarriage-roof damage cover?

Do you have a nick in your car window, a flat tire, a bash, dent, or scratch? Don't worry, these things happen!

As the name suggests, the damage cover includes everything on the outside of the car. From a dent to a broken mirror. Carefree car rental is only complete when we can insure the total package. Even the oil pan and clutch are included. And how about the car keys? When you lose your car keys, you usually don't have to worry either. You can read more about this in the rental conditions.

Damage to a window

Smashed window? Of course you're disappointed when you return to your rental car after a day at the beach and find that your window has been smashed. Or your window may accidently get damaged by thrown-up stones from the road. Most of the time it’s not your fault. If this happens to you, you should contact the local car rental supplier to report the damage. Fortunately, there are no costs involved, because it is covered.

Damage to tires

Flat tire, a tire burst... Nobody wants it. Well, at least you do not have to worry about the costs! Try to change the tire yourself first and then go to a local garage. Can't seem to work it out? Then contact the breakdown service of the local supplier. Keep the receipt from the garage so you can easily claim the costs later.

Damage to the undercarriage 

In case the undercarriage of the rental car gets damaged, you can consider yourself lucky for choosing an all-inclusive car rental from Sunny Cars. Because windows-tires-undercarriage-roof damage cover says it all: even damage to the undercarriage of your rental car is covered.

Damage to the roof 

If you have to deal with damage to the roof of your rental car, it does not mean your holiday will be ruined. Fortunately. The coverage of this damage is also included in the all-inclusive car rental.

What to do if you have damage to the windows, tires, undercarriage or roof?

First of all: take a deep breath and relax. These things happen! As you have read, the costs for these damages are covered. That is one of the big advantages of all-inclusive car rental with Sunny Cars. Is the car damaged? Just report it to the local supplier. Is there any trouble? Our car rental experts are there for you.

Declaration of damage to windows, tires, undercarriage or roof

Have you paid an amount for damage to windows, tires, undercarriage or roof in advance? Do not worry, we will refund it. Provided you have met our conditions, of course. Submitting your claim with us is very easy: fill in the form, upload the necessary documents, attach any photos and you are done! After it is just a matter of waiting for our customer care department. We will make sure the amount will be paid back into your account as soon as possible. That's car rental according to Sunny Cars.

Windows-tires-undercarriage-roof damage cover is always included