Always a fair fuel arrangement with Sunny Cars

At Sunny Cars we stand for transparency, which is why we always offer a fair fuel arrangement. The default fuel policy is Full-Full. That way you don't pay an expensive fuel surcharge and you know exactly where you stand.

What is the fuel policy for car rentals?

When you rent a car, you can often choose between different refuelling schemes. You agree in advance on the fuel level (to the last drop or maximum tank) when you return the car. Not every car supplier indicates this clearly, even though it can easily contain hidden costs. For example, a car seems affordable, but upon returning it turns out that you have to pay for a mandatory fuel fill-up on the spot. Often it even gets increased by so-called service costs. Then you suddenly feel cheated with that 'cheap' deal. A shame! That is why Sunny Cars offers you the standard fuel arrangement Full-Full. That way you know for sure that it is well taken care of. Sometimes it is possible to choose for the fuel policy: Full-Paid. If this is the case, you will see the option while you’re making the online reservation for your rental car.

Which fuel arrangement do I have?

The standard fuel arrangement is Full-Full when you rent a car from Sunny Cars. If the option Full-Paid is also available at your destination, you will see this option during the online booking process. You can always find the fuel level in the rental conditions.

What does refuelling Full-Full mean?

With the Full-Full fuel arrangement, you return the car with the same amount of fuel as when you picked it up. If you receive the car with a petrol tank that’s three-quarter full, you return the car with the same level of fuel. It is a bit more difficult to estimate but Full-Full is the most reliable arrangement and therefore the fuel policy we work with.

Full, empty, three-quarters full, half full.... Remember where the petrol tank indicator was pointing?

This is a situation that almost everyone who rents a car experiences. Refuelling is part of the job, after all. If the tank is only half-full when you pick up the car, have this stated in the contract. In that case you can also return the car with a half-full tank. Tip: it is useful to always take a picture of the petrol tank indicator before you drive off, so you have something to refer to.

What does the Full-Paid Refuelling Programme mean?

In a Full-Paid Tank Arrangement, one free tank of fuel is included in the rental price. You pick up the rental car with a full tank and you don’t have to refuel it before returning. There is no need to pay any extra fuel charge and you can return the car with an empty tank. Good to know: You will not be reimbursed for unused fuel. The great thing is that when you return the car you do not have to look for a gas station to fill up and you can simply return it with an empty petrol tank. The Full-Paid arrangement is often offered in the USA and Canada.

What about refuelling abroad?

At home you know perfectly well what kind of fuel you need, but in some countries the fuel names are quite confusing. Things may go wrong with a foreign car while you are in a holiday country. That is something you'd better avoid. If you have filled up your petrol tank incorrectly, there is a good chance that you’ll be charged extra for cleaning the tank and the fuel lines. We do not reimburse these costs. Therefore, check your rental contract, your key ring or the fuel cap for the correct fuel.

Refuelling your rental car

Check where the nearest petrol station to the drop-off location is, so you can be sure of a full petrol tank before returning your rental car! Tip: Always keep your receipt and take a picture of the dashboard to see how full the petrol tank is.

In addition to Full-Full and Full-Paid, some rental companies have a Full-Empty tank policy. With the Full-Empty policy, you not only pay a higher price for petrol than at the filling station, you often also end up paying so-called service costs. You are then obligated to pay for the entire tank of petrol, whether you actually finish it or not. So pay attention! That is exactly the reason why Sunny Cars stopped using this policy. We use full-full as the most transparent and fair fuel arrangement. This way, you won't run into hidden costs at the end of your rental car.

Always a good fuel arrangement with Sunny Cars