All-in camping with a roof tent on your rental car

Do you feel the urge to go camping? Would you like to wake up to beautiful nature surrounding you? Then go camping with your all-in rental car and reserve the rooftop tent. Time for adventure

What is the rooftop tent?

When you go camping with your rental car, you don't want to take all your equipment with you on the plane. With the rooftop tent, your rental car is equipped with a tent and you will have everything you need. From coffee pot to can opener and from fire extinguisher to towels: everything is provided. You can turn the pick-up into a comfortable tent in the blink of an eye. A magical experience.

This rooftop tent is especially for tourists in Namibia. It is so special to be woken up by the sound of an elephant or lion! You book this service from Windhoek international airport and this is also where you return your temporary ‘home’ after your trip.

Still haven't seen enough of Southern Africa? You can travel onwards from Windhoek to Zimbabwe, Botswana or South Africa. A border crossing or a one way (returning the car at a different location) is also possible for an additional fee.

What are the advantages of a rooftop tent?

In no time, you can turn the trunk of your pick-up into a comfortable tent. Camping in the Namibian wilderness is a unique experience. Do you usually sit up straight when a hedgehog scurries around your tent? Then imagine setting up camp with the Big Five just around the corner! If you go to Namibia, you will experience a wonderful holiday in nature thanks to this service. So book it quickly!

How do you book a rooftop tent?

When you book your rental car online, you can filter on tent package in the 'services' section. Check this option and you will see the rental cars with this service included in the rental price. Select the rental car of your choice and complete your booking in just a few clicks. It's that easy!

It's very convenient that with this service you can rent a car with a rooftop tent and camping accessories. This way you will have the ultimate camping experience with your rental car and you will have all the conveniences. Now that is all-inclusive and carefree!

All-in camping with a roof tent on your rental car