Book the GPS service and navigate to the best places

You get into your rental car and want to discover all the beautiful sights of your destination. You have already mapped out the highlights. But then what? How do you get to those places if you have no idea which way to go? Book the GPS service. Then you won't get lost and you'll be sure to visit all the sights you want to discover. Off we go!

What is the GPS service?

When you book the GPS service you can be sure that a navigation system will be available with your rental car. Very handy to get to all those beautiful places!

What are the advantages of the GPS service?

Even if you are an adventurous 'I'll see where I end up' kind of person, a GPS is useful to avoid getting lost at your holiday destination. If you want to be 100% sure that the GPS is available when you rent the car, it's smart to book the GPS as a service. The navigation system is then included in the all-inclusive price of the rental car and you don't pay anything extra on the spot. If you rent a GPS at your destination, it can be more expensive and it's not sure if one is available. So it's worth reserving in advance.

How do I book the GPS service?

Booking a GPS with your rental car is very easy. During the booking process, you can click on the GPS option within the services section in the filter. You will immediately see an overview of all the categories of cars with this service. Just click on the desired rental car and you will have your rental car with GPS service booked in no time!

Did you know that there are different ways to book a GPS? For example in advance with the GPS service or as an accessory by requesting it from the local partner. Some more luxurious rental cars may have a built-in GPS. If this is the case, it will be mentioned. The advantage of the GPS service is that your GPS is 100% confirmed.

Book the GPS service and navigate to the best places