Submitting a claim

You don't want it to happen during your holiday, but breakdowns or damage to the rental car can happen! One thing is for sure: you don't have to worry, because with us you don't pay for the costs since you rent all-inclusive. What and how can you claim with us? Let us explain.

Submitting a claim at Sunny Cars

Is there any damage to the rental car during your rental period, or are you involved in an accident? Then it’s possible that the local car rental company will withhold part or all of the deposit. In any case, this amount is never higher than the excess. Fortunately, you have rented with Sunny Cars and we will refund the deductible. Damage to glass, tires, floor or roof will also be reimbursed by us.

What can I claim from Sunny Cars?

  • Excess for damage and theft
  • Damage to glass, tires, floor, roof including oil sump and clutch
  • Damage due to loss/damage of keys and/or papers
  • Damage to the car radio and/or navigation system or the loss thereof as a result of a break-in in the vehicle
  • Costs of salvage or towing after an accident

When can I submit a claim?

Chances are you would like to submit your claim immediately in order to receive the amount back as soon as possible. Please be patient! Enjoy your holiday and the unlimited kilometres of your the rental car. After you have returned home from your holiday, you can send in your claim. We need a complete file, including your final invoice and proof of payment. That is why you can only do it after your holiday. With a complete file we can start processing it at full speed.

How do I submit a claim?

Claiming expenses with us is really simple:

  1. The easiest way to claim is via the pink button on your voucher or via My Booking, where part of the information has already been filled in. The asterisks in this form are there to protect your privacy.
  2. Fill in the missing information
  3. Upload the necessary documents.

If all information is complete and your claim complies with the general terms and conditions, we will make sure the amount is transferred back into your account as soon as possible. This is if your claim meets our conditions. There are certain rules and exceptions.

What is needed to process the claim?

In order to process your claim correctly and quickly, we need a number of documents from you:

Proof of payment, such as a credit card statement or receipt

  • Invoice
  • Local rental contract
  • Form from the local fleet provider, which you will receive when you return the rental car
  • Police report (if available)
  • Photos of the damage
  • Final invoice

Fines are your own responsibility

Sometimes we get the question if clients can also claim their fines. That would be nice! But the answer is: no. Fines are your own responsibility. So, while on holiday, stick to the traffic rules.

Enquiry about the status of your claim

Of course, we try to transfer your money in sixth gear. In order to achieve this, it is advised that your claim is as complete as possible. If everything is complete, we will transfer the money as soon as possible. If we are missing any information or documents, we will let you know! Does the refund take longer than 30 days? Please contact our customer care department at They will be able to open your file and see what the status is.