With the Young Driver service, you can rent a car from the age of 21

Are you in your early twenties and want to rent a car? Well, you can! With the Young Driver service you can lower the minimum age and sometimes already drive a rental car from the age of 21. This way you can still enjoy touring at your destination.

What is the Young Driver service?

Are you too young to rent a car? Then the Young Driver service is ideal for you. With this service you can lower the minimum age from 25 to 21 years. If you choose this service, the age reduction has already been arranged and paid for at home. If you arrange this at the destination, it can be more expensive. At some destinations it is also relevant for how long you have had your driving licence. Always check the rental conditions! Then you are well prepared to your holiday destination.

Note: The minimum age for renting a car can differ per local partner, but also per category and destination. If you have selected the Young Driver service, please also read the rental conditions to see what the minimum age is.

What are the advantages of the Young Driver service?

By booking the Young Driver service you can drive around in a rental car as a 21 year old. That is of course very convenient, because otherwise you cannot rent a car in some destinations. In several countries the minimum age is 25 years. It's almost always the case in the United States.

How to book the Young Driver service?

On the Sunny Cars website you can easily book the Young Driver service. First choose your rental car and then click on this option on the left. If the service is available at your destination, you will see it listed. Then you can finalise your booking and you will have reserved your rental car plus Young Driver. Simple, right?