Book extras to personalise your car rental

At Sunny Cars we offer all-inclusive car rental: all the important insurances are included. Reassuring, right? If you want to make your car rental even more convenient, you can do so with our handy extras.

You can book a child seat, for example, to make sure it will be ready for you when you pick up the car. Or you can request a border crossing, so everything is properly arranged in advance. Such an extra or accessory is not included in the all-inclusive rental price, so you pay the extra amount on the spot. Sometimes you can also book extras as a service. In that case the costs are included in the rental price.

Additional driver

Do you want to alternate driving with your travel companion during the car rides at your holiday destination? Smart idea! Just make sure that an additional driver is added to your rental contract.

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One Way

Would you like to explore as much as possible during your holiday? With a One Way, you pick up the rental car at one location and return it at another.

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Hotel delivery

Do you want to have your rental car delivered to your accommodation, or take a shuttle bus from your holiday address to the rental office? We will arrange it for you! This can even be free of charge on some popular destinations. How convenient!

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To make your car rental experience complete you can add accessories to your booking. Continue reading to find out which accessories are available and how to book and pay for them.

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If you want to make sure you stay on track during your car rental, then a GPS is the right choice for you. The GPS will be provided to you when you pick up your rental car.

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Child seat

On holiday with the kids? At most local partners a child seat is available for an additional charge. This way even the smallest travel companions can safely enjoy the car rides through the most beautiful landscapes.

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Winter(sport) accessories

We offer various winter accessories to ensure that you can make the most of your rental car during your snowy holiday. Winter tires? We can arrange those. A ski box (or ski rack)? Also a possibility. And snow chains? Absolutely!

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Guaranteed Model

Do you want to know beforehand which rental car you will be driving around exactly? Normally this is not an option because you book a category. However, if you choose a guaranteed model, you will know for sure!

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Minimum or maximum age

The average minimum age for car rental is 23 years and sometimes there is a maximum age. Are you not within the age limit, but would you like to rent a car? At some destinations it’s possible!

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Cross border

Are you visiting multiple countries during one holiday? At many destinations you can cross borders with your rental car without any problems, but this is not always the case. Please inform us in advance so we can request it.

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CO2 compensation

Exploring the most beautiful places by rental car contributes to carbon emissions. However, you can take the green route by compensating the CO2 emissions of your rental car via GreenSeat. This way, you can make your booking climate-neutral in the blink of an eye.

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Customise your all-inclusive rental car

Your Sunny Cars rental car comes with optimal insurance as standard. But you may want to add something extra to your reservation. That is why, as a car rental specialist, we offer options for you to customize your car rental to your own needs. You can do this with our unique services, extras, and accessories. This means you can properly enjoy your car rental and your holiday!

All about our unique all-inclusive formula

It is good to know upfront that there will be no issues later. This is the all-inclusive car rental offer from Sunny Cars. All the insurances you need throughout your car rental are included.

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Customize your car rental yourself

Rent without needing a credit card, skip the line, check in online, add an extra driver… all this is possible! And that's not all. With our services, you can customize your car rental. Read all about our services here.

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Good to know when renting a car

We want to make car rental as easy and carefree as possible for you – before, during, and after your rental period. That is why we have listed all the information for you. From the deposit to categories to the fuel policy, we clarify everything for you.

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