Additional liability insurance of at least € 10 million

With our all-in formula, you know where you stand! All insurances are included, including the third-party liability coverage. However, in some countries it is insufficient to only have the standard third-party liability cover. That is why we have increased it to a minimum of €10 million. That way you always drive carefree and secure! Find out exactly what the additional liability insurance means and read more about the extra coverage.

What is covered by the rental car's third party liability insurance?

Imagine you are cruising in your rental car and suddenly... BOOM! A collision. What to do about the damage? Fortunately, Sunny Cars has a third party insurance. This insurance covers both material and physical damages caused to third parties.

Even if the rental car is damaged due to your own fault, Sunny Cars covers it. With the Collision Damage Waiver insurance the damage is covered, even in case of (attempted) theft of equipment from the car such as the car radio or navigation system.

Standard including third-party liability insurance

In the Netherlands, the standard third-party liability insurance coverage is €5 million. This is sufficient in most European countries, but in a number of popular holiday areas such as the USA, Canada, Curaçao, Greece and South Africa, the maximum coverage is far below the Dutch standard of € 5 million.

If you have an accident in one of these countries, you may face lengthy legal proceedings and run an enormous financial risk. Since the damage to third parties in an accident can be considerable, Sunny Cars always takes out an additional third party liability insurance with a minimum coverage of € 10 million. This coverage is in addition to the local coverage. We prefer to play it safe, so you can have a carefree holiday!

Why is a high third-party liability insurance important for a rental car?

If the standard liability insurance does not cover part of the damage, you can be held personally liable. And that can be very expensive! Imagine you are on holiday, driving around the USA in your rental car and then you have an accident. So unlucky! However, you would not be the first one. In fact, it happened to a Sunny Cars customer who was involved in an accident with a motorcyclist. The motorcyclist held the customer liable for several millions. Fortunately, he had rented a car from us! Because of the extra third-party liability insurance, Sunny Cars was able to step in and take over the claim and we settled it for the customer.

 Check foreign names of common insurances

When you pick up your rental car at your destination, the rental contract is often in English and sometimes in the language of the country. It may also contain other terms to indicate (extra) insurances. Always check the rental contract carefully to make sure you haven't accidentally added something extra. Note the terms ALI (Additional Liability Insurance) and LIS (Liability Insurance Supplement). ALI and LIS stand for the increase of the third-party liability up to a certain maximum amount. With Sunny Cars you are already insured sufficiently and you do not need these supplements.

 Is the Personal Accident Insurance also included in the WA-coverage?

The PAI insurance and the additional liability insurance are two separate insurances. So the passenger insurance is not part of the liability insurance. The PAI (Personal Accident Insurance) is an accident insurance that pays out a sum in case of a (permanent) disability. In most cases this is covered by your own travel insurance. Tip: check in advance if this is the case for you!

With a rental car from Sunny Cars you discover the sunny side of car rental. All your insurances are included, so there is no need to buy any extra insurance. Enjoy you carefree holiday!

Additional liability insurance of at least € 10 million