All-inclusive car rental from Sunny Cars

It is good to know upfront that there will be no issues later. This is the all-inclusive car rental offer from Sunny Cars. All the insurances you need throughout your car rental are included. For example, additional liability insurance covering at least €10 million, collision waiver damage and theft protection. You pay the excess on the spot, but we refund this to you later. This is also the case in the event of damage to windows, tires, the undercarriage or the roof of the rental car. We even cover towing costs and vandalism – so all eventualities are covered. Park your worries and enjoy unlimited mileage because we even include that too.

In short: carefree car rental, that is what we offer. We don't like unexpected costs. Do you still need to pay extra insurance on the spot? No, you certainly do not. With us, you reserve the rental car for a specific all-inclusive price. What can you expect to be included? We have compiled a list for you.

Refund of the excess

At Sunny Cars, we usually take care of the excess in advance. No problem if this is not the case. If your rental car is damaged, you pay the excess first and then we refund the full amount to your bank account.

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Damage cover for windows, tires, undercarriage and roof

Do you have a nick in your car window, a flat tire, a bash, dent, or scratch? Don't worry, these things happen! With us, all-inclusive really means all-inclusive because we also include cover for damage to your windows, tires, undercarriage (including oil pan and coupling), and roof as standard.

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Unlimited mileage

To really enjoy your destination and experience a carefree holiday, that's what everyone wants! That is why we give you unlimited mileage, so that you can explore all the most beautiful locations – at no extra cost.

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Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

An accident is a small bump in the road and that is why we include Collision Damage Waiver. If your rental car is damaged, this will be covered by this insurance. If you do have to pay the excess yourself, we will refund you as soon as possible.

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Theft protection (TP)

Theft is the last thing you want to think about when renting a car on holiday. But if you do have to cope with such an ordeal, then we will take care of everything for you. Theft protection is also included in our all-inclusive car rental.

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Extra liability insurance

Liability insurance is included, but we go the extra mile for you – with our (extra) liability insurance covering at least € 7.5 million. This means you are properly insured in the event of damage to a third party. We play it safe for you, so you can enjoy a carefree holiday!

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Fair fuel policy

You always return the car with the same fuel level you received when you picked up the car. This means you don't have to pay an expensive fuel surcharge and you know exactly where you stand. So, there is nothing for you to worry about. Would you like to find out more about our fuel policy?

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Refund of towing costs

What if your rental car won't start, or there is a (mechanical) problem or do you have a flat tire? Then it is possible that the car might have to be towed. We also refund the towing costs. So there is no need for you to worry even in such a situation.

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Loss of and damage to car keys and/or papers

Lost the car keys? Oops! Or you can't find your car papers? These things happen to everyone! We even refund damage or loss of your car keys/papers.

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Local taxes

We don't like unexpected costs – not even local taxes that you may be charged for your rental car. That is why we have already included all these local taxes in your all-inclusive rental price!

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Airport services charges

Airport authorities charge fees to the local fleet providers with offices at the airport. At Sunny Cars, the rental fee is always all-inclusive, so you won't have to pay any surprise charges on the spot.

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Breakdown assistance

Of course you would prefer not to think about it, but there is a chance it could happen: your rental car breaks down on your well-deserved holiday. Luckily, breakdown assistance is part of our all-inclusive offer.

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Free of charge Flexservice

What if something unexpected happens and you have to cancel the rental car? Normally you will have to pay a cancellation fee. We have a solution for that! With our Flexservice you can cancel free of charge up to one hour before picking up the car. Now that's flexibility.

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Security from ANVR and SGR

When you reserve a rental car, you want to be sure that everything has been arranged properly. We understand! Sunny Cars is the only car rental specialist affiliated with the ANVR and SGR. This gives you extra security when you reserve your rental car.

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No alteration fees

Want to change something about your reservation? You can do so up to 24 hours before your rental starts. You do not pay an alteration fee. We will arrange it for you!

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24/7 emergency number

Everything is pre-arranged and paid for. This means you are certain to have carefree car rental! However, if something does go wrong or if you have an urgent matter, please contact our emergency number.

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Sunny2go assists you before and during your trip. You'll find travel information, interesting things to see and do as well as a personal concierge service you can call or chat to find out practically anything about your destination. This means you can enjoy your holiday with a rental car even more.

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Managing your reservation

If you rent a car from Sunny Cars, you can be certain you will enjoy a carefree rental car for a transparent price. We like to make things easy for you! Not only by reserving your favorite rental car, but also by taking control of the administrative part of that reservation. With us, you can manage your reservation yourself online.

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Customise your all-inclusive rental car

Your Sunny Cars rental car comes with optimal insurance as standard. But you may want to add something extra to your reservation. That is why, as a car rental specialist, we offer options for you to customize your car rental to your own needs. You can do this with our unique services, extras, and accessories. This means you can properly enjoy your car rental and your holiday!

Customize your car rental yourself

Rent without needing a credit card, skip the line, check in online, add an extra driver… all this is possible! And that's not all. With our services, you can customize your car rental. Read all about our services here.

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Extras, for making your rental car perfect for you

Do you want your rental car to fulfil your wishes even better? With our extras, you can reserve all your child seats or other accessories, in advance. You can also arrange a one-way, delivery to your accommodation or cross border.

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Good to know when renting a car

We want to make car rental as easy and carefree as possible for you – before, during, and after your rental period. That is why we have listed all the information for you. From the deposit to categories to the fuel policy, we clarify everything for you.

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