All about Theft Protection (TP)

Just imagine: after a nice afternoon at the beach, your rental car is nowhere to be found. No worries. That's no reason to ruin your holiday! Theft protection (TP) is included in the all-in car rental at Sunny Cars. This insurance covers the financial damage in case of theft of the rental car. Now that's a comforting thought.

What is covered by the theft protection?

Theft of your rental car is obviously the last thing you want to think about during your holiday. If it does happen to you, we are more than happy to put your mind at ease. Theft Protection is included in our all-inclusive car rental, without excess. And not just the theft of the car itself, but also the theft (or attempted theft) of built-in equipment, such as a radio or navigation system.

Will the excess be refunded if the rental car is stolen?

In case of theft, the local car supplier will charge you with the excess. Of course, we will refund the excess. When you return home, you can easily declare the costs and our customer care department will make sure you get refunded in sixth gear!

Do you need to take out extra theft protection?

The answer is very simple: no. There is no need to get additional theft insurance. At Sunny Cars you rent all-in, which means that everything is included. Therefore, it is not necessary to sign for additional insurances on the spot.

Say no to these theft insurances with confidence

Always check the rental contract before you sign it. Does it say TP, Theft protection, STP (Super Theft Protection), Theft Waiver or TPC? Then have your rental contract amended. There is no need to sign for that extra insurance. We have already taken care of it for you!

What should you do if your rental car is stolen?

Has your rental car been stolen? We understand that you are probably panicking. Stay calm, pick up the phone and call the local car rental supplier. The phone number can be found on your voucher. The local supplier will tell you what to do in this situation. He will also advise you to officially report the incident to the police. Can't work it out and do you need help? Then our car rental experts are here for you. Our advice: keep the report form or make a copy. You will need to hand it in to the local car rental supplier. Also keep a copy for yourself.

Prevent theft

During your well-deserved holiday, theft of the rental car is the last thing you want to have to deal with. But how do you prevent theft? When you leave the rental car behind, make sure to lock it properly. Doors closed? Check. Windows closed? Check. Key out of the lock? Check. Don't leave the rental car for even a minute with the key inside... Prevention is better than cure. Especially in case of theft!

All about Theft Protection (TP)