Complete your car rental with accessories

At Sunny Cars car rental is all-inclusive. Convenient, because you don’t have to look into specifics like all the insurances and coverages. To make your rental complete, you can add accessories to your reservation. This way it is already reserved and you do not miss anything when you’re at your holiday destination. What accessories are there and how do you reserve and pay for them? Keep on reading.

Which accessories can you reserve for the rental car?

Available accessories may vary per destination. Below is a list of the most common accessories that you can reserve.

Child seats

Are you going on holiday with small children? Then it's great if you can reserve a child seat. A baby seat (up to 12 months), various child seats (from 1 to 7 years) and a booster seat (up to 12 years) can be added to your booking as an accessory.

Roof rack, roof box, universal carrier

Are you going on a road trip and do you have a lot of luggage with you? Or are you going on a winter trip and have ski or snowboard gear that needs to be taken to the slopes? Don’t worry, because, with a roof rack, roof case or an all-in-one carrier, there is plenty of room for your things.


Even though getting lost can sometimes take you to the most beautiful places, you don't want to get lost on holiday. That is why it's good to be well prepared with a GPS! With us, you can add a navigation system to your booking, so you can hit the road carefree.

Mobile Wifi

Using your mobile internet abroad is free as long as you are in the European Union. If you go on holiday outside of Europe, looking up something online can be expensive. With us, you can book a mobile router as an accessory. This user-friendly router can be used anywhere, even outside the rental car, and can connect up to five devices to the internet at the same time.

Winter tires and winter accessories

Are you going to a winter destination? Chances are you would like to reserve winter accessories. We get it! Luckily, you can reserve winter accessories with us.

Other accessories

At some destinations, you can also book a bicycle carrier, second spare tyre or satellite radio as an accessory for your rental car. In short, there are lots of accessories that can make your car rental complete! Good to know: rental cars do not have a tow bar. So bringing your own bike carrier is not possible.

What are the costs of car rental accessories?

When you are booking your rental car, you can see exactly what you’re going to pay. You can also find more information about this in the rental conditions. Keep in mind that you do not pay the cost of your chosen accessory to Sunny Cars, but only at the local partner’s rental counter. Payment is usually by credit card, but can also be made by debit card.

When searching for a suitable rental car, you can already read in the rental conditions which accessories are available. If you compare three rental cars with each other, you can easily compare the accessories and costs. For example, a child's seat may be cheaper at one local fleet provider than at another.

How do you reserve an accessory with the car rental?

In the rental conditions, you can read which accessories are available. After selecting your rental car, you can add your desired accessories in the next step.

We will check the availability of the desired accessories with our local partner. Is the desired accessory still not in stock? Then we will find a suitable alternative. If the desired accessory is in stock, we will reserve it for you at the local partner.

Accessory reserved, but not in stock

It may happen that an accessory is not available. For example, if a GPS is broken or a child seat gets returned too late. First, try to find a solution with the local fleet provider. Can you not figure it out together? Then contact our emergency number.