Breakdown service for your rental car

There you are, standing next to your broken-down rental car during your well-deserved holiday... How unfortunate! You do not want it to happen and we hope it does not happen to you. Nonetheless, it’s possible. Luckily, you do not have to worry because the breakdown service is included with a car rental from Sunny Cars. Let us explain.

Is roadside assistance always included?

We can assure you that if you rent a car with Sunny Cars there is no need to worry. Not before, not during and not afterwards. Not only are all your insurances included, but roadside assistance is also a standard part of our all-in formula. A reassuring thought. Every local fleet provider has a telephone number you can call in case the car breaks down.

Is roadside assistance in another country also included?

You can enjoy the unlimited mileage and go wherever you want with your rental car. Instead of just exploring your holiday destination, you could cross the border into a neighbouring country. However, keep in mind that you cannot randomly decide to cross the border with your rental car. In most cases, this has to be requested in advance. Why? So that we can ensure that you are properly insured and that you will be provided with breakdown assistance if necessary. You can read more about crossing the border in the rental conditions.

What should you do if your rental car breaks down?

First of all: stay calm; there is no need for stress or panic. Grab your phone and the local rental contract and call the local fleet provider. The phone number can be found on your local contract. Do not call the local roadside assistance, as these costs will not be reimbursed! The local fleet provider will try to help you and will send a mechanic if necessary. In some cases, it is possible to solve the problem over the phone, or the assistance can get you back on the road after a simple action. Is an on-site repair not possible? Then your rental car might have to be towed away and you may have to pick up a replacement car. Depending on the issue, the costs are covered either by us or by the local partner. It may be that the costs are passed on to you, but afterwards you can claim the costs via the online claim form.

What about towing costs with breakdown assistance?

It's only natural to wonder what the towing costs are. We are happy to explain it to you! With Sunny Cars you always rent all-inclusive, so even the towing costs are included. If your car does not start anymore or has a technical problem, don't worry! As long as you stick to the rules, you do not have to worry about the costs (unless you have committed a serious traffic offence, of course...)

You can submit the costs to us for reimbursement. You do not have to pay for the costs; you just have to advance the money.  After your return from your holiday, we will make sure that you get the money back into your account as soon as possible.

Do you need additional insurance for roadside assistance?

You do not need extra insurance for roadside assistance because it is included in the package of your all-inclusive rental car. So if you are offered Roadside Assistance (RSA), Roadside service plan (RSP) or Roadside service net (RSN) at the pick-up point you can kindly refuse. If you do choose this extra insurance you will receive compensation if, for example, you leave your lights on, jump into the pool with your car keys or leave your car keys in the lock. However, whether you really need it is questionable...