Renting a car? All about adding a driver

Carefree, unlimited mileage and enjoying the beautiful views along the way. That too is part of your holiday! Would you like to be able to gaze into the distance and enjoy the beautiful views, without having to pay attention to the road? You can alternate driving if your travel companion is also registered on the rental contract. We are happy to explain exactly how that works.

Is an additional driver included in all-in car rental?

No, our extensive all-in formula only includes one main driver. This is the person whose name is signed on the rental contract and who is therefore insured to drive. Would you like your fellow travellers to get behind the wheel as well, to alternate driving? Then booking an additional driver is necessary. Of course, the additional driver also has to meet the minimum or maximum age requirements for car rental. You can arrange an extra driver in two ways: by booking it in advance as a service, or by adding it on the spot.

Adding an extra driver in advance as a service

Would you like to add an extra driver to the rental contract and take turns driving? A convenient way to do so is by choosing our Additional Driver service. The advantage of this service is that the additional driver is included in the price. So you don't have to pay anything extra on the spot! On our website, you can filter on services while searching for a suitable rental car. Click on the Additional Driver service and you will see all the rental cars that include this service. It is that easy!

Book an additional driver on the spot

Is the Additional Driver service not available at your destination? No problem, most of the time you can arrange and pay for the additional driver on the spot. You don't have to give notice or book it in advance. The costs for one or more extra drivers can be found in the specific rental conditions and are paid when you sign the rental agreement.

How many additional drivers are included?

Often one additional driver is included, but sometimes it is possible to add up to three more drivers. You can read exactly how many extra drivers are included or can be added in the specific rental conditions. It depends entirely on the local fleet provider.

 How do I pay for the additional driver?

If you added the Additional Driver service to your booking, the costs are part of our all-inclusive rental formula and you arrange payment through us. You then only have to add the name on the spot and there are no extra costs. Do you want to add the additional driver on the spot? Then you pay the costs directly to the local fleet provider when you’re signing the rental agreement. You can read about the costs per additional driver in the specific rental conditions.

When do you need to provide the name of the additional driver?

It is not necessary to provide the name of the additional driver while you’re making the reservation. You only have to tell us the name of the main driver. When you pick up your rental car you will have to arrange the administration for the additional driver and provide their name to the local fleet provider. He/she also has to show his/her driving licence.

Did you include the Online Check-In service with your booking, so that the rental contract is filled in and ready for you at the rental location? In that case, you can also enter the name and driving licence details of the additional driver on the online check-in page.

 Does the additional driver also have to sign the rental agreement?

Not only the main driver has to sign, but the additional driver also needs to be present at the time of pick up so he or she can sign the rental contract. Each driver will be asked to show a valid driving licence and some form of identification. By the way, it doesn’t matter whether the main driver or the additional driver returns the car! Does the main driver go home early? Then the additional driver can continue using the car. The main driver remains responsible for the deposit.

Can I still book an additional driver during the car rental?

Are you already relaxing by the pool for a couple of days and the rest of your travel companions arrive later? Or do you suddenly realise during your holiday that an extra driver would be nice? It is often still possible to add an extra driver, even if the rental period has already started. If you want to add an additional driver to your booking after you’ve already signed the contract, contact the local fleet provider to discuss the possibilities. Both the main driver and the additional driver need to go to the (nearest) rental office together to sign the rental contract.

Who is the main driver and who is the additional driver?

Before you receive your rental car, you first have to pay the deposit. A credit card in the name of the main driver is required. This means that the main driver must have a credit card in his name. A credit card in the name of the company, in the name of your partner or a prepaid credit card will not be accepted. What if the main driver doesn’t have a credit card, but someone else does? The person who does have a credit card in their name can be made the main driver so that the deposit can be paid. The person without a credit card can then be added as an additional driver. Do none of the drivers have a credit card? Then you can choose our No Deposit service. With this service, you don’t have to pay a deposit because we vouch for you.