Collect your rental car quickly and contactless with our Contactless Pick-up service

Would you like to pick up your rental car quickly and without being in contact with an employee? You can with the Contactless Pick-Up service. In just a few minutes you are ready to go. Without a queue or employee to give you the car keys, you’ll be on your way without the intervention of a desk clerk! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

What is the Contactless Pick-Up service?

With our Contactless Pick-Up service, you collect your car key and the rental contract from a machine, so there is no desk clerk involved anymore. You check in online and your rental contract is already filled in for you. You receive a barcode by e-mail, which you scan at the machine. After paying the deposit by credit card, you will receive your rental contract and car keys at the machine. No need to be in contact with an employee! It's also nice that you don't have to join a queue, but can walk straight to the machine. Once you have your keys and rental contract, it's time to enjoy the carefree and unlimited mileage.

 Sometimes a shuttle bus will take you to the rental station before you can pick up your car at the machine. This process is also contactless. The driver is safely behind a screen. When you book the Contactless Pick-Up service, you will immediately see how you pick up the car and whether there is a shuttle service available. Tip: If you choose the option ‘office at airport’, you don't have to use the shuttle bus. So you can choose which option suits you best!

If you book our Smartphone Pick-Up, you don't have to go to a counter or machine but you can sign the rental contract on your smartphone. You can also unlock the rental car with your smartphone. So you have everything under control and are on your way in no time.

How do you return the rental car contactless?

Not only picking up the rental car is without human contact, returning it is contactless too! You can use the key box. When returning the rental car, you do not need to contact the desk clerks of the local car rental company. Is your rental car damaged? Then a damage report needs to be drawn up and you will be in contact with a staff member.

How do you book the Contactless Pickup service?

When you book your rental car online, you can filter the 'services' on Contactless Pick-Up. Check this box and you will see the rental cars where this service is included in the rental price. Select the rental car of your choice and complete your booking in just a few clicks. It's that easy! The Contactless Pick-Up service is available up to 5 days before the rental starts.

Online registration is mandatory for the Contactless Pick-Up service

For the use of the contactless pick-up service it is obligatory to register online. This can be done via the link in the voucher up to 72 hours before the start of the rental. Don't forget to register! Without the registration you can't collect your rental car at the machine and you have to go to the rental desk to sign the contract and pick up the key there. The advantage of contactless is therefore lost without registration, which would be a pity.

Booking accessories is not possible with Contactless Pick-up

Good to know: when you choose the service Contactless Pick-up you cannot add accessories to the reservation. The keys are issued via a machine without human contact. When you need an accessory, an employee is needed to hand over the GPS or a child's seat for example. This is why it is no longer a contactless process. Do you still want to book an accessory? Then choose a rental car without Contactless Pick-up.

Collect your rental car quickly and contactless with our Contactless Pick-up service