All about the 24/7 emergency number of Sunny Cars

Yay, it’s time to start exploring your holiday destination in a rental car! Then suddenly you run into a problem... In a situation like that it is great if you can speak to someone from the English customer service! Fortunately, this is no problem at all at Sunny Cars. We are available 24/7 on our emergency number. Now that is a reassuring thought, right? We are happy to help you, also during your rental period. After all, it is much better if we can solve your problem during your rental period instead of afterwards. So here's a tip: save our emergency number in your phone. We are there for you!

Where to find the phone number and when do you call?

You can always find our emergency phone number on the voucher. Emergency is a pretty broad term. So is the emergency number only available in real emergency situations? No, it is not. You can also call the number in situations where something doesn’t feel quite right and where it is urgent to get a quick answer, for example in the situations below. Call our emergency number so we can take care of it or advise you, so you can continue your rental period without worries! Do you want to contact us about something else and is there no rush to get an answer? Then you can call us on our regular phone number or send an e-mail to We will get back to you within 24 hours.

You cannot pick up the car on time

If you are unable to pick up your rental car on time, for example because your itinerary or flight has changed, please let us know as soon as possible by calling our regular phone number or by sending an email to! We can adjust the arrival time in your booking. You can also give us your flight number or change your pick-up time via My Sunny. Very convenient! Does something change on the day of departure? Please inform the local fleet provider. You can find the telephone number on your voucher.

Is your flight delayed?

Please let us know as soon as possible if your flight is delayed and you are unable to pick up your rental car on time. We can report it to the local car fleet provider, so that they know about your delay. You may think that you can pick up your rental car whenever you want, because you have reserved and paid for it, right? Unfortunately, that is not how it works. You have to pick up the car within one hour of the pick-up time. If your pick up time is 10:00, you have until 11:00 to pick up your car. If you arrive later, there may not be a rental car available and your reservation may be cancelled. If a situation like happens, please call us as soon as possible on our emergency number!

The rental car is not delivered on time

If you choose the car delivery at an address, the rental car will be delivered to your accommodation at the agreed time. If are you waiting for the delivery and is the rental car not delivered after 15 minutes, it’s time to take action. First contact the local fleet provider (you will find the phone number on your voucher). If this doesn't solve it you can call our emergency number!

There is no rental car available

Did you book a rental car, but are they telling you at the desk of our local partner that there is no car available? That is very unfortunate. It rarely occurs, but it does happen every now and then that the fleet provider is overbooked and that there are no cars available anymore (for example, because another customer returned the rental car too late or because there was damage to the car). Of course, we will look for a suitable alternative as soon as possible. Please call the emergency number if you’re in this situation.

You have received a rental car from the wrong category

When you make the reservation for a car you always book a car category, so it’s possible that you don’t receive the exact car that is shown as an example. However, you should be offered a car within the same category. This means that it can transport the same number of people and the same amount of luggage. If you feel that the car you received does not correspond to the reserved category, please call us on our emergency number. We will immediately check and advise you accordingly.

The car cannot be returned at the booked time

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances occur, making it impossible to return the rental car at the booked drop off time. If this happens to you, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible, so we can figure out a solution.

The rental desk offers additional insurances.

You don't have to worry about anything if you’re booking a rental car from Sunny Cars, because our cars are insured optimally. After all, you rent all-inclusive! On your voucher it's clearly indicated that you don't need to take out any additional insurances. It’s also written down in English on the voucher, so the desk clerk can read it as well. Is the rental desk offering extra insurances and does the desk clerk disagree with you? Or are you starting to doubt whether that one extra insurance might be useful after all? Call our emergency number! We will gladly explain the situation, so you can reject the additional offer with peace of mind.

Do you have to call the emergency number of Sunny Cars when the car has been damaged?

No, that is not necessary. You can solve the problem with the local fleet provider. You can find their phone number on the voucher. Can't figure it out? Then of course you can call our emergency number.

All about the 24/7 emergency number of Sunny Cars