One way car rental: from A to B in your rental car

Roadtripping from north to south or from east to west... seeing and experiencing as much as possible during your holiday and then coming home with the best stories and holiday photos, who doesn’t want that?

If you go on holiday in a rental car, you can choose to return the car to a different location from the one where you picked it up. In other words: a one way. How does a one way work exactly? Let us clarify it for you!

What is one way car rental?

Normally you return the rental car at the same spot as where you picked it up, but with a one way this is not the case. Simply put: with a one way car rental you pick up the car at location A and return it at location B. Many holidaymakers choose to rent a car in the USA one way, to see as much as possible of the country during their holiday. Or what do you think of a one way from Italy to Spain? Sounds fun right?

How do I book a one way?

When making the reservation on our website you can, of course, enter the desired pick up location. But you can also enter your drop off location right away! You can choose 'same location', or 'other location'. If you choose the latter, you can type in your desired drop-off location or look it up in the list that appears on the screen. If you then click on 'search rental cars', you will see all the rental cars for which a one way is possible.

Good to know: a one way is always on request. Before we confirm your reservation, we first wait for approval from the local car rental company. Of course, all of this is done in sixth gear.

What does a one way cost?

In some cases, you are lucky and a one way is free of charge! Especially in the USA, there are routes where there is no surcharge for a one way. That is a good thing. But in many cases, you’re charged for a one way ticket. The costs can differ per one way, destination and local fleet provider. We like to be as clear as possible about the costs, just like you expect from us!

How can I see the costs of the one way during the reservation?

If we know the costs for a one way already, you will see this clearly stated in the overview of available rental cars. The costs may vary per rental car and local fleet provider. You can also find more information about the costs of the one way in the rental conditions. Do we not know the costs yet? Then we will request them for you after you have made the reservation. No unexpected costs with Sunny Cars!

After you have made your reservation, you will receive your voucher. It contains all the important information about your rental car. It also states the costs for your one way.

How do you pay the costs for a one way rental?

You pay the all-inclusive car rental to us before the rental period. The one way costs are paid in the local currency at the time of collection. The amount is exclusive of local tax (unless otherwise indicated). This is often around 20%.

Can I change my one way booking?

Do you want to change your one way? This possible up to 24 hours before your car rental starts. If we request a new one way from the local fleet provider, the costs may change. Naturally, we will inform you about this!

International one way: explore two countries in one holiday

Not only can you choose to make a one-way trip within one country, but it is also possible to do an international one way! From the USA to Canada, for example. It’s ideal in case you want to visit two countries in one holiday. An international one way cannot be booked through our website, but can only be requested through our car rental experts. This can be done by sending an e-mail to or by calling 023 - 5 699 696.

With an international one way you travel from one country to another. That means you will cross a border. Just like an international one way, a border crossing always needs to be applied for.

A Bit confusing? No, it isn’t! Let us explain it briefly: with an international one way you pick up the car in country A and return it in country B. When you cross a border, you only make a 'trip' to another country, but you return the rental car at the same place you picked it up.

If you book your one way with us, we will apply for the border crossing for you. You do not have to do anything else. A pretty good deal, right? In some cases costs are charged for a border crossing. These are in addition to the costs for the international one way.

We work together with several partners and with an international one way the rental car always needs to be returned to the same partner. Requesting an international one way, therefore, works a little differently. For this, you can contact our car rental experts! You can do so by sending an e-mail to or by calling 023 - 5 699 696.

One way car rental: from A to B in your rental car