All-inclusive car rental in Poland

All-inclusive car rental in Poland with Sunny Cars

Poland is a fantastic holiday country with a rich history and breathtaking nature. Rent a car in Poland and explore charming villages like Zakopane, visit the colourful markets of Cracow, and relax on the beautiful beaches on the Baltic Sea. The mild climate makes Poland attractive all year round.

Sunny Cars offers everything you need for carefree travel in Poland. With our all-inclusive service, you are optimally insured and enjoy unlimited mileage, windows-tires-undercarriage-roof damage cover, good damage and theft insurance. Discover Poland with peace of mind with Sunny Cars.

Where can you rent a car in Poland?

In Poland, Sunny Cars has 25 pick-up locations for your rental car, so there is always a location nearby. There are different ways to get your rental car in Poland. 

  • Office at airport: Do you want to go straight to the car after your flight? Of course you can. Sunny Cars has offices at Krakow, Warsaw and Katowice airports. In addition, there are more pick-up locations at other airports in Poland.
  • City office: prefer to go to your accommodation location first, that's no problem either. When you're ready, you can go to one of our city offices in Gdansk or Warsaw, or in other cities to pick up your rental car. 
  • Hotel delivery: why come to us yourself when our local partners can simply deliver the rental car to your accommodation? With our hotel delivery, the car is brought to you at your convenience. And after your rental period, the car will also be picked up again. That's a carefree car rental with Sunny Cars. 

Save time and stress with our Online Check-in service!

Sunny Cars makes all-inclusive car rental in Poland easy. But did you know that in addition to our comprehensive all-inclusive car rental package, we also offer additional services to make your trip even more enjoyable?

With our Online Check-in service, you can pick up your rental car quickly and easily, so you can enjoy your holiday in Poland even faster. Book now and start your adventure without delay! 


Handy to know when car rental in Poland.

Road signs in Poland

On signposts in Poland, you'll usually find bilingual information: Polish and English. This makes navigation easier for international travellers. 

Busy days in Poland

The summer months, especially July and August, are the busiest times on Poland's roads, due to holidays and tourist activities. If you want to drive more peacefully, consider travelling outside these peak periods. Also bear in mind that national holidays and events can affect traffic.

Paying tolls in Poland

Poland has toll roads, mainly motorways, where you have to pay a toll. You can pay at toll booths in cash or with credit cards. Watch the signs to know if tolls are required on the route you are taking.

Refuelling in Poland

Filling up in Poland is similar to the Netherlands. The term they use for petrol is benzyna and for diesel it is olej napędowy. Note that some filling stations may require cash, especially in remote places. 

Crossing the border in Poland

If you want to travel from Poland to another country, such as Turkey, Croatia or Bulgaria, you must request the cross border in advance when booking your Sunny Car. Check the specific conditions with your booked rental car in advance. 

Frequently asked questions about your car rental in Poland

Do you need a credit card to rent a car in Poland?

Yes, you need a credit card to rent a car in Poland. The car rental company uses the credit card as a deposit for any damage to the car. Before booking, check whether the main driver of the rental car has a credit card. Also, make sure you have the physical credit card with you and know the PIN. In addition, keep enough spending space free on your credit card for the deposit.

Can I add a second driver to my car hire in Poland?

A second driver is not included as standard in our all-inclusive car hire package. You can add a second driver to your car hire by:

  • Renting a car with the Additional Driver service
  • Adding the additional driver as an extra during rental car pick-up. There will be an additional charge for this locally. 

How old do you have to be to car rental in Poland?

The minimum age to drive a rental car in Poland is usually 25 years, but this can vary by location and even by category. Read the rental conditions of the rental car you want to rent to see what the minimum age is. 

How much does a rental car cost in Poland?

The cost of car rental in Poland can vary a lot. It depends on supply and demand during the desired rental period. For the most accurate price information, we recommend filling in the rental period and destination on our website. That way, you can discover what the all-in rental price is for your car hire in Poland.

Facts about Poland

Discover Poland with the freedom of a rental car

Poland is known for its rich history, hospitable people and beautiful natural areas. The country has 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Krakow's historic Old Town and Tarnowskie Gory. In addition, Poland is famous for its colourful Polish pottery.

Top 5 sights to visit with a rental car in Poland

  1. Cracow: Explore the historic city centre and Wawel Castle. It is also home to one of the largest medieval market squares in Europe.
  2. Auschwitz-Birkenau: Learn about history at this impressive concentration camp and tour the remaining exhibits.
  3. Wieliczka Salt Mine: The world's first salt mines still in operation and admire the intricate salt sculptures that adorn the mine.
  4. The Great Masurian Lakes: Enjoy water sports and relaxation. Or discover the flora and fauna on a nature walk.
  5. Zakopane: Explore the Tatra mountains and Zakopane-style architecture.

Poland's roads

Poland's road network is generally modern and well-maintained, with highways connecting many cities. Some rural roads can be narrower, so caution is advised. It is compulsory to have dipped headlights on at all times, even during the day.

What kind of rental car do I need in Poland?

For visiting Poland, especially if you plan to explore mountainous areas, an SUV category car is recommended. Moreover, a convertible can be a good choice if you plan to enjoy the sunny weather in the summer months. 

Best travel time to visit Poland

The best time to visit Poland is during spring (April to June) and summer (July to August). The weather is pleasant, and nature is at its best. For winter sports enthusiasts, the period from December to February is ideal. Bear in mind that the summer months can be busier.

Food and drink from Poland

Poland is known for its pierogi (stuffed dough pillows), kielbasa (sausage), bigos (sauerkraut stew), and vodka. Also be sure to try Polish sweets such as szarlotka (apple pie) and makowiec (poppy-seed cake). 

Polish words and phrases about car rental

  • Stoplight - Sygnalizacja świetlna
  • Breakdown - Awaria
  • Bend - Zakręt
  • Car key - Klucz samochodowy
  • Car park - Miejsce parkingowe
  • Which car is for me? - Które auto jest moje?
  • Here you have my driving license. - Oto moje prawo jazdy.
  • Will there be petrol or diesel in my car? - Czy mój samochód jest na benzynę czy na olej napędowy?
  • Where is the nearest petrol station? - Gdzie jest najbliższa stacja benzynowa?
  • Where do I leave my car when my holiday is over? - Gdzie zostawiam samochód po zakończeniu wakacji?

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