All about an (international) driving license during your car rental

It’s quite the list of items you need to bring when you go on vacations. A book, sun lotion, swimwear. Of course, don't forget to pack your passport. And your driving license! Because if you're renting a car on holiday, you'll obviously need your driving license. We'll tell you all about driving licenses and international driving permits, so you're well prepared when you pick up your rental car.

For how long do you need to have a driving license to rent a car?

A logical question, but not one we have a ready answer for. The rules on how long you need to have a driving license can vary considerably by local fleet provider, destination or category. For example, at some destinations, it does not matter for how long you have had your driving license, or if you are 25 or older you only need to have had your driving license for one year. However, it can also depend on your age! Because if you are between 22 and 25 years old, you sometimes have to be in possession of your driving license for at least 2 years. What exactly are the rules at your destination? You will find this in the rental conditions of the car you have in mind.

What if you forget your driving license?

Oops, what if you go to pick up your rental car and find out at the rental desk that you have forgotten your driving license? Unfortunately, you won't be able to pick up the car without an official driving license, even if you have a copy. Is there no solution at all? Fortunately there is! Pick up the phone and call our car rental experts, so we can coordinate with the local fleet provider to try and transfer the reservation to the name of your fellow traveller (who will hopefully have a valid driving license and credit card on file). Are you travelling alone or does your travelling companion not have a driving license either? Then we have no other option but to cancel the reservation. So always make sure you have your driving license with you. Check, check, double check.

What if your driving license has expired?

It could also happen that you have your driving license with you, but at the last minute it turns out that it has expired. Oh no! What to do now? In that case you also have to call our car rental experts and we will try to transfer the reservation to the name of your travelling companion. If not, your reservation will unfortunately have to be cancelled.

What is an international driving license?

An international driving license is a translation of your European driving license (translated into Arabic, Chinese, English, Greek, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish). It is a document in addition to your official driving license and does not replace it. So if you are asked for your driving license, you must be able to show both documents. In some countries outside the EU, the Dutch driving license is not recognised and you must have an international driving license when you pick up the rental car.

Do you need an international driving license when renting a car abroad?

Whether you need an international driving license during your holiday depends on the country you are visiting. These rules differ per destination. If you rent a car from Sunny Cars, then you can read in the rental conditions whether an international driving license is required. You can also look at the website of the ANWB, where you will find a complete list of countries where an international driving license is required.

How do I get an international driving license?

You can buy the document at any ANWB shop for €18,95. You need to bring your Dutch driving license and a recent passport photo. In Belgium you can apply for the document at the municipality.