These are the locations and ways to pick up your rental car

Did you know that there are several possible pick up locations for your rental car? It does not necessarily have to be at the airport. You can pick up your rental car in a city or even at a train station. You can pre-select the pick-up location right after entering your destination. While you’re booking your rental car you can easily filter and compare different pick-up locations. Curious about all the options? Let us tell you all about it!

Collecting the rental car at the airport

After your flight, you'll want to get into your rental car as soon as possible. On to your accommodation! Did you know that there are often various pick-up options at the airport? Usually you can choose from the following 3. Choose the method that suits you best.

1. Desk at the airport

A rental office at the airport is also called a ‘desk at airport’. If you choose this pick up method, the local fleet provider has a desk in (or just outside) the arrival hall. After you have landed and collected your suitcase, go to this desk. Here you read the contract, sign it and receive the key. Then pick up your rental car at the nearby car park.

Especially in the high season it can be very busy at the rental counters. Would you like to pick up your rental car at the airport quickly? Then choose our Fastlane and Online Check-in services. You can then skip the queue and the rental contract will already be filled in for you. The Contactless Pick-up service is also available at various airports. You can pick up your rental contract and keys from a vending machine and have no further contact with a desk clerk.

2.  Shuttle service from the airport

If you choose the Shuttle service, you don't have to go to a counter at the airport, but a van of the local fleet provider will take you to a rental office just outside the airport. These offices are usually very close to the airport, often no more than a 10 minute drive. At the rental office you sign the rental contract and receive the car. The car park is right next to the office, so you're in your rental car before you know it! Especially in the high season, a shuttle service can often get you to your rental car faster than when you choose to pick it up at an airport counter. If you choose this pick-up method, the voucher you receive from us will give you clear instructions on how to find the shuttle service of the local fleet provider.

3. Representative service at the airport

If you choose this option, a representative from the local fleet provider will be waiting for you in or outside the arrivals hall. You sign the rental contract with the employee and are immediately given the car keys. From the car park you then take your rental car to your accommodation. This is certainly a quick way to start your holiday! If you choose this pick up method, the voucher you receive from us will give you clear instructions on how to find the employee of the local car park operator. 

Choice locations at airports in the USA and Canada

In the USA and Canada most airports have so-called Choice Locations. All available rental cars in your reserved category are then lined up for you in a nearby car park. Here you can choose your own rental car. You first report to the rental desk at the airport and register there. Then you will be directed to the right section with the available cars. The cars are open, so you can look at them from the outside and inside before making your choice. Once you have found your favourite, turn over the keys (already in the ignition) and drive to the check-out to sign the contract.

Can you pick up the car at the airport without a flight?

You do not arrive with a flight, but you do want to pick up the rental car at the airport? Unfortunately, this is not possible. Are you arriving on a flight, but don't know your flight number yet? Then you can reserve your rental car in advance. You can easily add your flight number and times to your reservation later on in your personal My Booking or My Sunny environment.

These are the locations and ways to pick up your rental car

Picking up your rental car at another location than the airport

Sometimes you do not need a rental car from the airport immediately. For example, because you first want to explore a city for a few days and do not want to make extra parking costs or because you simply don’t need a car. Another reason could be that you want to relax for a few days before you hit the road. In that case you can choose not to pick up your rental car directly at the airport, but to pick it up later at a rental location near you, or even have it brought to you.

There are several ways to pick up your rental car:

City office

In most cities and popular holiday resorts, there are several rental offices in the city itself. In car rental terms, this is called a city office. These are often slightly smaller offices with shorter opening hours than at the airport and sometimes a smaller range of cars. On our website you will find all addresses of the city offices that we offer at your destination. Find the one closest to your hotel and walk straight to it!

Train station

You can even pick up your rental car at a train station sometimes. Arriving by train? Then this is a great way to pick up your rental car. Enter your destination on our website and you will immediately see if a train station is possible as a pick up location.

Hotel delivery

Would you like to spend the first few days of your holiday relaxing by the pool? Then you can choose not to pick up your rental car at the airport, but to have it delivered later to your hotel or flat. You then sign the rental contract with the employee and are given the car keys immediately. We call this service hotel delivery. It costs a little extra, but it is certainly handy! When making your reservation, you can give us the address of your accommodation. Please note that your accommodation must have a reception in order to be able to use this service. You can choose to have the car picked up at your accommodation, or you can return it at, for example, the airport. You could also choose to return the car at the airport.

Harbour office

Are you going on a cruise and do you want to explore the surroundings with a rental car during a long stop? Sometimes you can opt for a port office. The rental car will then be delivered to the cruise ship, so you can get on your way quickly!

What are the opening hours of the rental car office?

The opening hours vary and of course depend on the location where you pick up your car. But you don't have to worry about that. When you enter the correct pick up and drop off time in your search we will show you exactly which office is open at that time.

Sometimes an office is closed but an employee can wait for you. This is called an out-of-hours pickup. Often there are extra costs involved. If out-of-hours pick up is applicable, we will show this (and any associated costs) directly in the booking process. These costs can also be found in the rental conditions under ''Important information''.

The same goes for returning the car outside opening hours. Sometimes this is possible for a surcharge. You will see this in the booking process for the rental car. At most airports the return outside opening hours is done via a so-called Keybox. You park your car on the car park of the rental company and deposit your keys in a secure mailbox. There are no extra costs for this and you can use it 24/7.