Choose the perfect car for your holiday

Your personal holiday wishes determine which category of rental car is more suitable. Will you only bring hand luggage or a large set of suitcases and full sports gear? Will there be two of you, your entire family or a large group of friends? Will you be driving on adventurous by-roads, mainly motorways or will you also be driving into the mountains? Whatever you do, Sunny Cars has the perfect car for every holiday.

Choose your category and Sunny Cars will arrange the rest.

It's that simple. You always book a car category – such as Small, Economy, Compact or Intermediate – rather than a specific make or model. Different car types fall within each category, but you can select features such as air-con, automatic gearbox and number of doors. In this way you will always book the ideal rental car!

You book on specifications, not on make or model

You will see a picture of a car with each category. These are purely examples, which give you an indication of the car that will be waiting for you at your destination. You may therefore book a Mini category car with a Fiat Panda as an example and receive a Citroën C1 rental car when you arrive. This means that the picture does not grants you any rights, but the specifications do. The rental car has to meet them.

By way of indication, we always state the luggage and passenger capacity using icons of suitcases and persons. As the car types – and as a result the boot dimensions – differ within a category, this is always an indication. We base our recommendation on the number of persons with whom you can comfortably travel with luggage in a certain car category.

Mandatory delivery or an upgrade!

Let's assume that the booked car category is not ready for you, for whatever reason. The rental company will then be obliged to provide you with a car with at least the same specifications or more. So if they cannot meet your booking requirement, this usually means a free upgrade. Please check that the rental contract also states 'free upgrade' before signing it. If you're unsure about the alternative offered, please feel free to call our emergency number (stated on your voucher and contactable 24/7). We will help you look for the suitable alternative, so that you can still drive off 100% satisfied and carefree.