What to do in case of breakdown, damage or an accident with the rental car

What should I do if my car breaks down?

Most of our rental firms offer a 24-hour service you can contact in case of an emergency. You can find the telephone number for this service on the rental agreement and/or on the rental firm’s brochure. Tip: inquire about this at the rental car centre when you pick up the car.
If, for any reason, the rental firm is unable to help, you can always contact the Sunny Cars Reservation department on +31 (0) 23 - 5 699 699. Our reservation specialists will then work to address your problem. 

I have caused damage to the rental car. What important documents must be completed?

Always call the police and have them make a police report. Without a police report, you yourself will be held responsible for the damage to the rental car. Be sure to insist, therefore, that a report be drawn up, even if the police on the scene tell you that this is not necessary. Contact the car rental firm where you picked up the car immediately to inform them that you have had an accident. You can find the phone number for the car rental centre on your voucher under ‘Pick up location’. 

My rental car has been damaged. Do I get a replacement car?

If your rental car is damaged, you must always report this immediately to the local rental firm or to Sunny Cars. You will consult with the rental firm to determine whether you will continue to drive the rental car in question or if you will be given a new rental car. If the nature of the accident indicates that this is a case of reckless driving behaviour, the local rental firm can refuse to provide you with a replacement vehicle.