This is how easy it is to book a navigation system for the rental car

Even if you are an adventurous 'I'll just drive and see where I end up' type, a navigation system is still useful to have. If you want to be sure that you won't get lost at your holiday destination, a sat nav is essential. Booking a sat nav with your rental car is very easy. These are the options, have a look where you want to go!

The GP package: smart and secure

If you want a 100% guarantee that the sat nav will be available with your rental car, the GP package is the smartest choice. The navigation system is included in the all-in rental price of the rental car, so you won't pay anything extra. While booking you will automatically see the option 'Add GP package' if it is available at the destination. No GP package available? In that case we will usually be able to request a navigation system as an accessory for a small surcharge. You will have to pay the surcharge at your destination, so it will be charged on top of the rental price.

Sat nav as equipment: useful when built in

Sat nav as equipment is mainly found in larger and more luxurious rental cars. They have a built-in navigation system, so the sat nav equipment is part of the car. The 'cost' for this is already included in the rental price.

Sat nav as an accessory: booking separately

You can add a sat nav to your booking as an accessory. Whether you will actually receive your sat nav depends on the availability at the partner. We will obviously check this for you. We will book the navigation system at the local partner; the booking will then be 'on request'. If the sat nav is not in stock, we will inform you of this. We always try to offer a suitable alternative. If the sat nav is in stock, we will book it at the local partner. The rental cost for the sat nav – see the rental conditions of the selected car – must be paid when you arrive. Incidentally, the various brands of navigation systems are operated in the same way; you won't have any trouble doing so. So you will get to your destination in no time!