Modifying, extending and cancelling: Sunny Cars is flexible in this as well

Sunny Cars always keeps things flexible. This means that you can also use extra services after completing your booking.

Modifying is always free

Modifying your booking? At Sunny Cars this is very easy and free as well. Up to 4 hours before the rental period starts, you can always change the rental period, pick-up time, car category and extra services free of charge – obviously provided they are available. That's comforting, right? That's part of the Sunny Cars way!

Extending at your destination is also possible

If you're on holiday and are thinking: wouldn't it be great to drive this car for a few days more than we agreed? We'll be happy to arrange this for you, obviously at our favourable rates and conditions. You should, however, make sure that you apply for the extension no less than 24 hours before the original end of the rental agreement (see voucher). And inside the opening hours of our booking department. If you don't arrange the extension via Sunny Cars, local rates and conditions may apply, and we cannot use our Rent a Smile philosophy on those. Good to know: any extension of the rental period stated in the voucher that is not effected through mediation by Sunny Cars will void the terms and conditions, rights and insurance entitlements agreed upon booking. You should therefore always arrange things via Sunny Cars for the best all-in extension deal.

Cancelling is free with the Flexservice

Have your plans changed? Any unforeseen circumstances? Sunny Cars understands perfectly. That's why we have a flexible approach and offer the unique Flexservice for 1 euro per day with a minimum of 7 euros and a maximum of 21 euros. With it you can cancel the car free of charge up to 4 hours before the rental period starts. You won't have to explain anything to us, your money will simply be refunded.

Cancelling is a lot more expensive without Flexservice, just have a look:

€25 - up to 5 days before the rental period starts
€50 - from 5 days and up to 24 hours before the rental period starts
100% - from 24 hours before the rental period starts
100% - no-show (if you fail to collect the rental car at the agreed time)

Booking cancelled? Sunny Cars will refund your payment at lightning speed. If you paid by credit card, you will usually receive your money back that same day. If you paid using iDEAL, we will order the bank to refund the amount to your account within two days. You never have to wait very long.