Fuel arrangements: always transparent at Sunny Cars

At Sunny Cars you can fully customise your rental car to suit your personal wishes and requirements. You can even choose the fuel arrangement. In the fuel arrangement you agree on which fuel level (driven completely empty or completely filled up) you want to drop off the rental car. Not every rental company states this clearly, while it may easily contain hidden costs. A car may, for example, appear to be cheap, but it then turns out when you arrive that you also have to pay for a mandatory tank of fuel, often even with so-called service fees added. In that case you will feel cheated with this ‘cheap’ deal. And that does not fit in at all with the Rent a Smile feeling that we want to give our customers. So: pay attention to which fuel arrangement applies to the selected car and choose the fuel arrangement that is more appealing to you.

Sunny Cars offers you a choice between two fuel arrangements:

1. Tank full-full (FF)
The fuel arrangement is full-full: you drop off the car with the fuel gauge in the same position as when you picked it up. We consider this to be the most Rent a Smile arrangement, so this is what we usually recommend.

2. Tank full-paid (FP)
With this arrangement, 1 free tank of fuel is included in the rental price. You pick up the rental car with a full tank and drop it off without filling up. You don't have to pay extra and you can drive the tank completely empty. Good to know: you're not reimbursed for any unused petrol.

Good to know:

  • Sometimes a particular arrangement cannot be used at a rental company in combination with address delivery or dropping off outside office hours. During the booking process that choice will be greyed out.
  • The fuel arrangement is always clearly stated in the rental conditions. During the booking process you can filter by fuel arrangement, so that you only select cars with the arrangement of your choice.
  • Sunny Cars even stopped working with 2 Spanish partners because of the fuel arrangements. The many complaints from unpleasantly surprised customers who had to pay excessive amounts for a full tank were not worth the collaboration in our eyes. Our paths therefore separated, because we'd rather have satisfied customers. You therefore won't see any more rental cars in our range that appear cheap at first, but you do see 100% carefree quality cars. Rent A Smile!