Your rental car in option for 14 days

When you book your rental car at Sunny Cars, there is always a 14-day option period. Good to know if you’re about to book your ideal rental car, but you are not sure whether your vacation will actually take place... Perhaps your travel plans are not finalized yet, or you are not sure which days you want a rental car. These should not be reasons for not booking your rental car in advance, because your booking is adjustable thanks to our 14-day option period!

How does the 14-day option period work?

We offer you a free 14-day option period. As soon as you book, you have two weeks to think about it. This service is also part of our all-inclusive formula! Within the option period, you can cancel your reservation free of charge. After the option period your reservation is automatically finalized, you don't have to do anything. Easy, isn't it?

Did you make a last minute booking? Then the rules are slightly different:

  • Does the reservation start within 14 days? Then you’ll have an option period of 24 hours from the moment your rental car is confirmed.
  • Does the reservation start within 24 hours? Then it is time to pack your bags and there is no option period.

What are the advantages of an option period?

It is a great idea to book your rental car on time. When fewer rental cars are available, the price goes up. Rental cars can even be sold out! Of course you don't want that to happen. So even if you still have doubts, it's smart to book your rental in advance. This way you can be sure of the right car category at the right price. You can then enjoy the flexibility of the option period for two weeks. If you want to cancel during the option period, you can do so, completely free of charge. No, there are no catches! We just want to make it as easy as possible for you.

Option period and payment

At Sunny Cars you only pay when your reservation is confirmed. You can pay by credit card or iDEAL. Do you cancel within the option period? No worries, we will refund the amount.

Can I still change my booking during the option period?

We can be brief about this: changing your reservation is no problem at all with Sunny Cars and it is always free of charge. The option period of 14 days starts at the first request. The option period does not get affected when you change your booking. It simply continues until the two weeks have passed.

How do I cancel my option?

Would you like to cancel? You can do this yourself. In your confirmation e-mail you will find a link to your personal My Booking or My Sunny environment. Click on the link in the email, log in and with one click you can cancel your reservation. Of course, you can also cancel your reservation after the 14-day option period. In that case, the regular cancellation costs apply.

Can I extend the option period?

Our option period provides flexibility during the first 14 days. After these 2 weeks the reservation will become final. Would you still like to keep the flexibility? Then choose our Flexservice, which allows you to cancel up to 1 hour before your rental starts. By adding the flex service you extend the option period!

 In short: no reason not to book that all-inclusive car right away! Make sure you don't end up empty-handed. You can always cancel.