No cancellation fees thanks to our Flexservice

We are very flexible at Sunny Cars . Not only do we offer you a standard 14-day option period, but you can also change your reservation free of charge up to one hour before the rental starts. Very convenient of course. This way you can make a reservation even if you are not sure about all the details and you still have some margin if your plans change. But what if something unexpected happens that forces you to cancel your rental? Then you pay a cancellation fee. We have thought of a solution for that! With our Flexservice you can cancel free of charge up to 1 hour before the rental start. Now that's flexibility.

What is the Flexservice?

With Sunny Cars you can enjoy a carefree holiday and with the Flexservice you are also very flexible! If you choose this service, you are not attached to anything. If you decide to cancel your booking, you only pay the Flexservice fee. The regular cancellation charges will not be added. We will refund you the full rental price within a few working days, minus the few Euros you paid for the Flexservice. Especially now, when many travel plans change at short notice, this is a good idea. The best part is that if you have included the Flexservice in your booking, you don't have to give a reason for cancelling.

What does the Flexservice cost?

You can add the Flex Service for just €1,- per rental day. So if you rent a car for 10 days, you pay €10. If you rent a car for less than 7 days, you always pay €7. And if you rent a car for more than 3 weeks, we will charge a maximum of € 21,-. A relatively small amount for maximum flexibility!

How can you add the Flexservice?

You will receive the Flex Service free of charge with every booking made before 31 December 2022. We understand that holiday plans can change at the last minute and that you still want to book on time. No problem! You don't have to do anything extra - the free Flex Service is automatically added during the booking process.

How do I cancel my rental car with Flexservice?

You can easily cancel the reservation yourself. In your confirmation e-mail and the e-mail containing your voucher there is a link to your personal My Booking or My Sunny account. Here you can cancel the reservation. When you cancel the rental car up to 1 hour before arrival we will refund the total amount to you within a few working days.

In short: the Flexservice is very convenient. For just a few Euros, you have all the freedom you need and can cancel free of charge up to one hour before the start of the rental. So book this service with your all-in rental car and enjoy a carefree and flexible car rental experience.