Corona and your rental car reservation- frequently asked questions

For some time now, the coronavirus has made travel abroad impossible. And until lately, it even seemed like this year's summer holiday would pass us by... But finally, there’s good news! Travel to select countries will be allowed after all.

Have you got holiday plans, and would you like to book a rental car, but do you still have some questions about (hygiene) measures or safety, among others? We clear everything up for you in this FAQ. We also answer any questions about modifying or cancelling reservations in the event that your holiday plans change due to the coronavirus.

Tip: this page contains up-to-date travel information about your holiday destination, along with the measures taken by the country in question.

Is hiring a car safe?

Hiring a car now, more than ever, is an extremely safe option. When you travel, it's with your own group in your own enclosed space, the rental car. Searching for gorgeous spots away from the crowds has never been easier or less stressful. It’s the perfect way to still get to enjoy a sunny and safe holiday!

Here at Sunny Cars, we've put a lot of careful thought into how to make car rental as safe as possible. For example, the local fleet operators have implemented the required hygiene measures, which we've made as straightforward as possible for you. Car rentals should be safe and hassle-free, even in these difficult times.

What if my holiday destination is code orange?

If a destination has or receives code orange, then only essential travel is allowed. Do you have a car rental reservation for an orange destination that starts before the 15th of April? We will cancel it for you free of charge, in accordance with the ANVR Travel Conditions. We will even refund the costs of the Flexservice.
Please inform us in case you want to cancel your reservation. We do not automatically cancel all reservations for an orange destination since it is possible that the car has been rented for an essential journey.

What does the layout at rental locations look like now?

We only work with reliable local fleet operators which, like us, take the current situation extremely seriously. That means, for instance, that the social distancing rule is observed at all rental locations, that all employees wear gloves and/or face masks, and that sneeze screens have usually been installed. We've partnered with our local fleet operators to identify and summarise the hygiene measures in place. An overview of these is contained in the rental conditions so that even before you book your rental car, you can review the rental conditions to see which measures are in place at the location. That way you know exactly what to expect when picking up your rental car. 

Are the rental cars cleaned extra thoroughly?

Absolutely. Naturally, after every rental car is returned, it undergoes a deep clean, during which extra disinfection measures are applied to the high touchpoints, such as the steering wheel, the gear stick and ignition. 

Is there anything I can do to make the rental car safer?

While we’ve already taken all the measures required, you can make your rental car pick-up even safer and more hassle-free by: 

  • Registering online in advance: when you opt for our Online Check-in you register in advance so that the completed rental agreement is ready for you on arrival. There’s no need to fill out the rental agreement on pick-up, saving you time. It also reduces contact with employees and ensures that you're on the road before you know it.
  • Skipping the queue: under the current circumstances, skipping the queue is the preferred option. There's no need to worry about any queueing with this service, which allows you to use a specialFastlane on arrival. That means you spend less time at the rental location.

How many people are allowed in the rental car?

Social distancing rules are in force in many countries. That means that if you aren't travelling as a family with children, you must maintain proper distance. This rule applies to rental cars as well. Please keep this in mind when booking your rental car.

Regulations vary from country to country and may change in the interim. Before leaving, please check which rules apply at your holiday destination on this page.

At the moment we know the rules of Greece and Italy:


In Greece there is a distance rule in the rental car. If you are travelling with a family with children, this has no consequences. However, if the children are over 18 years of age, you may be asked for proof of identification. In all other cases it means that you have to keep your distance and therefore fewer people will fit in the rental car. The following rules apply:

- In a rental car with a maximum of 5 seats, 1 driver and 3 passengers are allowed.
- In a rental car with a maximum of 7 seats, 1 driver and 3 passengers are allowed.
- In a rental car with 8 or 9 seats, 1 driver and 5 passengers are allowed.

Please note: when using the shuttle service to the rental car station, wearing a mouth shield in the shuttle bus is mandatory for everyone.


In Italy there is a distance rule in the rental car. If you are travelling with a family with children, this has no consequences. In all other cases it means that you have to keep your distance and therefore fewer people will fit in the rental car. The following rules apply:

- The seat next to the driver must always remain free.
- If the passengers wear a mouth shield, 1 to 2 persons per row may be seated
- If no mouth masks are worn, only 1 person per row is allowed.
This means that in a rental car with 5 seats, a maximum of 3 people are allowed.

Do I have to wear a mouth shield in the rental car?

The measures may vary per destination. We advise you to check what rules apply in your holiday country on this page.

At this moment the rules of Portugal and Spain are known to us:

Don't you travel with your own family? Then in Portugal it is mandatory to wear a mouth shield in the rental car. There is no need to keep a distance in the rental car. In all cases you can take your seat in the rental car with the normal occupancy.

What exactly is the situation with regards to cancellation?

If there is advice against travelling to your destination, we will cancel the booking for you free of charge. Did you get the reservation by an travel agency? Please contact them.

How can I make changes or cancel?

By calling 023 - 5 699 696 or sending an e-mail to; Have you booked a rental car through a travel agency? Then please contact them.

How do I get my money back?

As soon as the booking is cancelled, the amount already paid will be refunded to the (credit card) account from which it was paid.

What happens to my discount code if my reservation is cancelled?

Did you use a discount code when booking your rental car? Don't worry: this discount code doesn't expire! Your discount code remains the same and will be reactivated. Also the validity remains the same, the expiration date will not be extended.You don't have to do anything to get this discount code back, it all happens automatically. You can simply use your code again for a new reservation.

Adjusted opening hours and emergency number

Our car rental experts are at your service 7 days a week from 08:00 to 22:00 

Our ANVR member number is 09471

We're members of the SGR under the numbers:

3742 with Sunny Cars International > our rentals in 120 countries and 8000 destinations
3798 with Sunny Cars BV > for rentals in the Netherlands and Germany.

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